Pacifier Keeps Falling Out of Baby's Mouth!

  • Pacifiers can be great, but when they constantly fall out of baby's mouth, it can make for a long night! How can you get your baby to sleep without his or her pacifier? When is it the best time to remove the pacifier all together?

  • MommyRN4-

    What a great topic!  I agree, binkis can be "lifesaving" enabling baby the needed comfort to stop screaming, calm themself and drift off to sleep.  We readily use them in the NICU when I worked there and the goal was to provide a soothing mechanism.  There are other options for learning to self sooth though, and I always pitch that teaching baby how to self sooth is one of the greatest gifts you can give a baby, many adults are still working on this skill!!  So other things that can be used for soothing tactics-something soft that smells like mom!  We could often take a small piece of flannel blanket and put a few drops of breast milk on it, letting baby sleep with that nearby.  I also have heard of moms that will let baby sleep with one of her shirts within their bundle of blankets, that leads me to bundling-infants love to be bundled if done right as it contains them as they are contained in the womb.  You want to be sure that your blankets do not go higher than the babies sholders as to avoid chance of sids.  Another idea is soothing music, and as baby gets older a favorite and trusted stuffed animal.  I also have a patient that learned to rub his thumb on his cheek when he is stressed.  His mamma taught him this to help with some sensory anxiety he was having at age 2!  I was so impressed, and it worked so well for him.  So far as saying goodbye to the binki, i vote to replace it slowly with more developmentally appropriate tools of soothing as the baby grows and develops.  I'm looking forward to hearing what others have to suggest!