Help! Dealing with a Colicky Baby!

  • My best friend has a three-week-old baby that is very colicky! He cries all the time, unless he is being held. She talked to her doctor, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him. Do you have any tips for calming a cranky baby? How can she keep her sanity through all of this? Any advice would be great!

  • I'm glad to hear that your friends baby checked out ok medically.  Having a fussy baby is such a hard, hard thing to deal with.  If only they could just say "i'm hungry, thirsty, tummy hurts, tooth hurts, ect" wouldn't it just be so much easier?!  I think a lot of babies that get what we term "colicky" are often kids that do well eating smaller more frequent meals.  They benefit from being burbed more frequently that other babies-so maybe every 1/2-1oz instead of 1-2 times per bottle period.  These kids often respond well to movement.  Some like to be rocked, some like to be walked, some like to go for a drive.  lol-I even remember hearing about one mom that put baby in his car set on the dryer while letting it run.  I think I'd advise against that one!  Some of these kids do really well in those electric swings.  I guess the key here is figuring out what helps sooth the baby when he is having a rough time.  Many of these kids i would put on their tummy on my lap or chest and run their backs while rocking some.  This seemed to really help one little one that would otherwise cry all night.  Encourage your friend that she is doing everything right, and sometimes babies are just fussy.  It will really help her if she has some support from dad, mom or other adults who can help break her when she needs some time to collect herself.  Keep us posted on how things are going for her!


  • Whew! Poor mom - I'd invest in a great, comfortable sling! A baby that little can't calm himself on his own and she has got to get something done and be able to use her hands. Has she tried a swing? My little boy had to be moving all the time and a swing really helped. Another thing that some babies do well with is those little stuffed animals that give off a heart beat sound - it makes them feel like they a snuggled up against mom when they are laying down. Hope she gets some relief soon!

  • It's never easy to deal with a colicky baby. The best advice I can give is that your friend needs to be prepared to just put the baby down in the crib for five minutes and leave the room. One of the problems is that you can get very frustrated and sometimes just need five minutes to relax. It's hard sometimes to deal with your own frustration and give the baby your best attention. Remember... it's not the baby's fault!

  • I'm dealing with one right now.  I've switched formula and have purchased gas drops.  Now I'm moving on to Gripe Water by Little Remedies.  I'll let you know how it works out. 

  • Apple_Fritter, I will keep you and family in my thoughts as you work though this, it can be challenging.  Do let us know how and what works for your baby, I know there are lots of parents out there who would love to know if you have tricks or tips!