How do you get your baby to take a sippy cup or bottle???

  • My sister has a 10 month old baby that still won't take a bottle or a sippy cup. As a result, she can't leave him for very long with a sitter or in daycare.  What do you recommend she does to get him used to the bottle or sippy cup?

  • In our practice we aim to have babies switched to sippies and whole milk by 1 year of age.  I suggest letting baby play with a sippy cup but continue to use a bottle to the one year birthday.  Put yummy fun flavors in sippy and see if she/he will give it a try.  The bottoms line is though, if you switch over to the sippy the baby will get thirsty and will start drinking from it.  This means that you have to watch baby very closely and make sure that he/she is still having good wet diapers and not getting dehydrated.  Some babies do well with traditional sippies, some like the straw ones.  I also find that in babies that are doing day care a bit of toddler peer pressure goes a long way!  If he/she sees her neighbor at the table drinking from a sippy cut she/he may also be more likely to give it a try.  Keep us posted!


  • Hmm - that's tricky! Apparently your sister is breastfeeding if the baby won't take a bottle. Try offering some pumped breastmilk in the sippy or bottle because that's what the baby likes-maybe she has tried this already. :-) I'm sure she's probably tried different brands but if you get some larger base nipples that are more like  breasts and maybe just give her little sips when it's not an actual meal time, things might take off. Instead of trying to force a full feeding, let baby just play with it in between meals and get better at taking food from the bottle/sippy. Good luck with it all!


  • MommrRN4-

    I wanted to check in and see how things are going with your nephew and the bottle dilema.  That is such a trick deal to negociate and I'm curious how things are going.


  • Why would the baby need to "switch" to whole milk at one year.  If he's nursing, he's already getting whole (human) milk.  I thought that there's no need to do something different unless the mother wants.  What am I missing?