I need advice and fast

  • My 6month old has just come down with her first ear infection plus she is teething at the same time. And that makes for a very ANGRY baby. this is my first baby and also my firs ear infection to deal with. the ear drops that the doc gave me help alot but i need some more advice. She woke up 8 times the other night she woke up crying 8 times ( i only got about 2 hrs sleep ) last night was better but i need help i have no idea what else too do for her it breaks my heart to see her hurt

  • I'm so sorry! First, how many days has she been on oral antibiotics? If it has been more than a few days, call the doctor and let him/her know she isn't better. Second, if you are using numbing drops, be sure to place her on her side for five minutes after each ear (putting drops in). This lets the medicine take its full effect. Third, she should be able to take Tylenol infant drops every 4 hours. Ask your doctor if this is okay and what dose to give. Motrin tends to work better for pain, but some doctors don't like to give it at this age. Just ask what their preference is. You can also warm a towel in the dryer, place it on your chest, and rock her with her ear on your chest. The warmth helps a lot. She might need to sleep with one end of her mattress elevated, so her head is higher than her feet. You can do this by putting something under the crib or the mattress (not under her). This takes some of the pressure off her ears. Same goes for feedings, you might need to feed her in a more upright position.

  • She has only been on them for 1 day and a half. I tilted the crib up cause what you said makes alot of sense. And i will definitly try the warm towel. She takes tylenol but my husband is bringing home motrin today the doc said it was best cause she is in so much pain. thank you for the much needed advice. im still learning i guess lol

  • lol trust me girl there is a lot to learn lol

    as a mother of 6 im STILL learning they are so different so i have to keep coming up with diferent ideas on how do deal with them and their different issues

  • try swaddling, roll baby onto side/belly and hold head in hands and baby body on legs and swirl letting the head move some...give a pacifier.  once baby sleeps put in a swing on high.  All this came from happiest baby on the block DVD-it will work keep trying and tweak it!

  • Is she feeling any better?