5 Week old fighting sleep... advice?

  • My 5 week old baby girl fights sleep now and makes herself overly tired.  And when she does sleep I can't her down without her waking herself up.  Any one have any tips and ideas to get her to sleep and stay asleep?

  • NewMomma88-

    You are dealing with one of the most common concerns on the boards-sleep.  This is a tricky and often heartaching problem that can be solved with some persistence.  The trick to getting back to sleep in his/her crib alone is teaching her how to self sooth.  This is tricky as many adults do not know how to self sooth so they use drugs, alcohol, shopping, smoking, relationships ect to attempt to fill the gap missing from never having learned this skill.  So with this in mind what helps your baby relax?  Does she like the binki? what about being bundled?  A favorite blanket? Certain music?  Think about everything you do and what could help her self sooth.  If you don't know start trying things.  One example of how you make this work is this...you'v given her a bottle or fed her and she is all snuggly in your arms.  Turn down the lights and any tv or radio.  Now i want you to bundle her up tightly for security and have a binki in hand.  Transfer her over to her crib laying her on her back.  If she starts to stir put a hand gently on her tummy and help smooth her by gently hold her tummy.  If she starts to fuss offer her the binky and rock her very gently with you hand that is  on her tummy.  Once you get her almost alseep you can quietly leave.  She may stir some and fuss.  Let her be and see if she can comfort herself with the binki and the comfort of being bundled.  Check on her periodically to make sure that she is safe.  When you go in the room keep the lights down, don't talk unless you speak very quietly to her, rebundle her, offer her the binki and quietly leave..  This method takes some persistence but it's much easier now than when she is two years old!  


    You may find it helpful to read through what others have said about sleep.  There are a ton of sleep posts on this board.


    Let me know how it's going.  This is going to be hard work, but well worth it in the end for both of you.


  • When my 5 week old fought sleep, I decided to have a "downtime day". I didn't play the TV or radio.. I let her lay in a darkened or dimly lit room for most of the day, and I rocked and held her without lots of stimulation. That really seemed to do the trick and she began to sleep better after that. She just got too overly stimulated and needed more downtime than I was giving her. The sounds, sights, and smells of the world can be too much for these little guys.  Good luck and let us know what you find that works for you!

  • I echo what the other posters mentioned - less stimulation during the day time, swaddling, pacifiers, try out a swing, etc. I hope you get some relief - keep us posted! It helps me sometimes to know that any phase I'm going through with my child is usually fairly short lived. They move on to some other issue or quirk...this too will pass. Hang in there!

  • Hey NewMomma88, how are things going? Is your little one sleeping any better?