11 wk old son has horrible Colic need HELP!!

  • My son has horrible colic.so the doctors say!  We thought when this all started at two weeks old that he had reflux because of his constant crying and arching his back in pain and spitting up several times after every feeding and constantly wanting to eat. His Ped. put him on zantac first with no results then on prevacid with no real results finally he put him on a high dose of both which "go figure" only made things worse. We finally were able to see a G.I. specialist who tested his stool and said he has a milk and sol protein allergy. He has been on Enfamil Nutramigen since the 2 of Nov. last week his stool was tested and came back positive again for blood. His crying for hours on end has not really improved and now we are faced with a future with this really expensive formula that I'm not even sure is working or having any effect on him. I had planned on breast feeding for at least a year and now pump and dump because I really want to breast feed still. I'm hoping he will grow past his allergy and be able to nurse again. I would do anything to ease his pain and stop his crying but the doctors say it's colic and only time will improve things. Dose anyone have any advice for how to deal with this situation MY nerves are shot from his constant crying my husband tries so hard but I can see every day that he pulls away a little more running out of patients for the crying to stop. Any advice or words of encouragement would mean the world to a tired over worked and stressed out Mom. I also had to return to work after only 6 weeks do to finances because I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks and was induced at 35 weeks because of high blood pressure so this has been a rocky start at best to the start of my sons life.

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    I want to start by sending you some gentle hugs across the wireless waves.  You and your son have certainly had a rough start. I am so sorry to hear all that you have been through.  I think that problems with feeding and fussiness are some of the hardest health problems to deal with.  It is so hard to have a fussy and uncomfortable baby, and weighs hard on the heart.  I imagine that it has also been very hard to return to work, esp. when he is still having a rough time.  From your post it sounds like your baby has seen his primary doctor as well as a gi specialist.  Was the GI specialist a pediatric specialist?  I really feel that due to the degree of trouble that your baby has had you two need a second opinion.  I would ask his primary doctor for a referral for a 2nd opinion from a pediatric GI doctor.  I think that there has to be more that can be done to get his pain and reflux under control.  I know it is very hard to advocate for yourself/your baby when you are at your wits end, but i think it's very appropriate.  What you need to do is muster the energy to keep getting help until you get an answer that works for you and your baby.  I would make sure that you are following all of the reflux precautions very strictly (smaller freq. feeds), burp him several times with each bottle, and keep him upright (swing, carseat or wedge) for atleast 30 minutes after feeds.  See what you can do so far as getting another opinion and then let us know how we can help.

    Hang in there, what you are going through is really hard!

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  • I am so sorry things are so tough for you right now. It is really difficult to deal with a screaming baby and especially difficult when it is YOUR baby and he is in pain. I am confused though why your doctor says it is colic if your baby still has blood in his stool and has a bad milk allergy. Maybe he isn't on the right formula just yet..I would ask your doctor just to be sure and make sure you let him know just how bad the crying is. You are your baby's best advocate. If you feel like your son needs more help, you could always go to a different GI specialist and get a second opinion. It doesn't seem like they have completely found the solution.

    As far as handling the crying...it is hard, but try your best to stay calm when you are holding him. Make sure you are swaddling him tightly and you can always put a warm blanket on him to help soothe his tummy. Try to limit his stimulation during the day - no noise, few lights, etc.. keep the TV off and avoid lots of talking. If he is overstimulated from all the reflux and other stuff, this may help. Also, keep an eye on his stools - reflux meds can be constipating which can add to the pain!

  • Susan-

    The other two posters have given you excellent advice. I just wanted to give you a hug and say that I'm terribly sorry that this whole situation is not turning out the way you had planned. It's such a disappointment and something you almost have to grieve in order to move on. Just know that you are a GOOD mom and that you are doing a GOOD job with your son. Hang in there and keep us up to speed on how things are going. 

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    thank you for your  caring words, my son is seeing a pediatric gi specialist, They changed his formula to Ele Care and thank God that we barley qualified for WIC. They will cover the cost of it for us at least until he is 6 months old. So far I can' t tell if he is doing any better, he still has pretty bad colic. He' s been on the formula for almost two week but really has not improved much, we will know more at his next gi visit if there is still blood in his stool, then they will have to run more test. I have been able to find some relief for him when I put him in my mobi wrap. The tight  compression and being up right seem to calm him down and help him fall asleep. All I can hope for it that the colic will pass soon. The constant crying makes it really hard to bond with him on top of being in the same room for more then a few minutes. My mom noticed when she was watching him, that he cries every time he passes gas or stool so I plan on mentioning that to the specialist to see if there is a link to what is really going on with him.

  • Susan - 

    Thank goodness WIC is helping - I'm sorry you are not seeing a ton of improvement. I hope things turn around for you guys. Those wraps can be a real life saver - good job with figuring out that calming method. It is VERY hard to bond with a screaming, crying baby. I have friends who went through a similar beginning with their child and while it was no fun at first, their little girl grew out of her eating issues and they are absolutely in love with her now at 1 year old. Hang in there. Hugs. 

  • Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. With all of the helpful advice above, you have a great start. Just try to keep things in perspective and understand that it could always be worse. This shall pass and hopefully soon you will be able to feel more comfortable with your baby. good luck.

  • SusanRAnderson78,

    I definitely think you need to make sure your pediatric gi specialist knows that he is still so unhappy. When is your next visit? Hopefully it is soon! Good luck and hang in there!

  • What a blessing WIC is at this time in your life!  I am so happy that amongst all the struggle there is a positive.  :)  Please keep us posted and let us know how we can help you.


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  • I'm so sorry to hear that your little guy is having such a hard time.  I'm curious about your comment about pumping and dumping.  If you cut all dairy out of your diet I would think that you should be able to breastfeed the baby.  Granted, I'm not an expert but I would definitely talk with his doctors about the possibility.  If they aren't breastfeeding friendly, I would find doctors who are.  Many specialists are set in their ways and prefer to just take the easy way out with formula as opposed to dealing with mothers who may not stay away from the trigger foods completely.