Those First 6 Weeks-How Did You Survive?

  • When I first had my son, I thought the first 6 weeks were incredibly difficult. I found it very tough to get up every 3 hours, and the lack of sleep was unbearable. Even finding the time to take a shower was challenging. How did you survive your first 6 weeks as a new mom? Do you have any words of wisdom to share with other moms going through it?

  • Well, with my first little guy I ignored everyone's advice to sleep when the baby sleeps. HOW I regretted that! When we have another baby, I know that's going to be kind of pointless since I know my toddler won't sleep like the baby will but anytime they are both asleep, I'll be diving into bed as well. I also was reluctant to take much help or ask for much help but people are often very eager to help you out as a new mommy. I asked a few people come over for a bit while I showered and they LOVED snuggling my newborn. I'm interested to hear what other people say!

  • It's amazing what a lift something as simple as a shower can provide during the first weeks of caring for a newborn. My wife expressed similar feelings as to leaning on close friends and relatives who could come by for as little as 30 minutes to let her re-charge her batteries.

  • As soon as my daughter went down for a nap I would take the baby  monitor in the bathroom with me and put it on the back of the toilet so that I could take a quick shower. That way I could still hear her if she woke up. I also showered with the bathroom door open.

  • First of all I quickly learned that showering was overrated Wink  Second I bought myself dry shampoo and learned to shower every other day.  A portable baby swing chair was and still is key for me to have a shower with the little one.  Also ask a friend to come over and watch the kid while you shower, they love babies Angel  And there a times when you need to put the baby in a safe place, and shower even if they are crying.  I hate it, but crying is good for their lungs Crying

  • Those are all such great suggestions...and yes, showers make you feel like a new woman! But then again, so does 8 hours of sleep! :)


  • Oh man those first six weeks was hard. i thought the first 3 weeks was the worst cause i was so sore. And it was hard to get in times to eat and shower with the baby always needing something. I would put the baby in his swing once he fell asleep and put the swing in the bathroom while i took a shower. And if he was in his bed then i too would shower with the door open. Mainly i showered when my husband got home. and rested a lil too. my husband was my life saver.