How Did You Introduce Your Dog to the New Baby?

  • My sister is expecting her first baby soon and she is nervous about how her dog is going to react to the new baby. Is there a way to make the transition go smoothly? How did you handle your pet once the new baby arrived?

  • We have a 6 year old terrier who is great with our daughter.  When we brought Avery home from the hospital I held her while our dog sniffed her with my husband watching Maddie (the dog) just in case.  After that we just made sure to stay close when Avery was on the floor and Maddie would go up to her until we were sure Maddie was ok with Avery.  Now that Avery's older she loves to go exploring with Maddie...and pull on her fur.  I think that because Maddie saw how important Avery was to my husband and I she was automatically important to her, too.

  • I was worried about my dog with my son and the vet gave us some good advice. He recommended having a crying doll on a blanket and make it cry from time to time. Teach the dog to ignore it and leave it alone. He also recommended not playing any tug of war type games with the dog anymore because it may confuse the baby for a rag doll or play with it's blankets. He suggested bringing home the baby's hat and blanket from the hospital for the dog to smell before we brought the baby home so that he knew my son's scent already. He's been a great dog with our son but a little irritated when he pulls his tail...I always keep my eyes open. Hope this helps!