any preemie moms??

  • hello all, my son elijah was born on 9-12-11 at 27 weeks gestation, still in hospital should be coming home in a day or two...we have had the longest road, could have been worse but definitely could have been better!! just trying to find some mom-to-mom advice on the road to come once he comes home. thanks
  • I've been there. my son was born at 35 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for a week. Its hard when you bring them home well it was for me. I keep my son in our room for a month so I could watch him and make sure he was fine. I also made sure people washed there hands before holding him so he wouldnt get sick. I staied to the schedule the doctor had him on. I hope your son is doing better and I hope all works out when you bring him home.

  • I have 35 week twins that were born on 10/29.  Neither spent much time in th NICU (6 hours and 36 hours) but it seemed like forever to us.  They both got to come home with me, but it was touch and go as to whether they were going to release one of them right up until we left.  For us, the most nerve wracking part of bringing them home was making sure they were eating enough to gain weight.  They were so small (not as small as many, but small to us) and we didn't want to end up back int he hospital for failure to gain weight.  Fortunately, they both took well to eating have been gaining weight really well.  Their due date is today and they are roughly 7.5 and 8 lbs, now.  :)

  • Wow!  There are quite a few premie mom's on the boards these days!  I'm so glad you are all here to get and give support to one another. :)  What do you think it the hardest thing about having a premie?  What is your favorite memory so far?


  • I think the hardest thing to deal with is development in the first year.  With being born so early, they hit growth and motor developments so much later than full term babies.  

    I have a cute video of my daughter the day after she was born.  She had IV's and a feeding tube and still managed to suck away on her pacifier making a Maggie Simpson like noise.  

  • Hey eliajhsmommy. My son, Eian, he is 2 now but he was born at 28 weeks and he was in the hospital for 2 months and it was the hardest thing for me. I was not able to go and see him everyday because my husband worked from 2pm till 4am everyday and we only had one car, and we also have a older daughter and no one ever wanted to watch her for me and i couldn't take her up there so I only got to see him 3 days out the week. For me that wont enought. I cried everynight cause my baby wont with me and I wont able to hold him in my arms. But what I did to help me throught was I would call up there like every hour to the hospital to see how he was. I finally got him home two days before Christmas and that was the best Christmas gift I could have evr gotten!!! You will notice that he will be behind on things development wise but dont get discouraged...I did and it will only stress you out! You will just want to keep working with him and he will soon get it. My son finally cought up with his age, with doing things on time, shortly after he was one. So hang in there and everything will work out the way they are suppose to. But I know things will be hard at first but just remember God will see you and your little one through. Praying is what helped me through. And if you ever want to ask me any question on anything in particular when he comes home feel free too. I will try my best to help. Good Luck

  • My twin daughters Miana and Myaleah where born 09-15-10 with a due date of 09-21-10 they where in the hospital for a couple of days. I didn't work at the time so i could be there 24/7  now there 1 and i'm due with a little girl nxt mnth. Still need a name for her?

  • Hi! I still have my twin boys in the NICU. They were born barely at 25 week gestation age on September 19, 2011, due date January 2, 2012. We've been in the NICU for over 3 months and it's been a long journey. We are currently working on feeding and getting off the oxygen. We should be going home in couple of weeks.

  • My son was born at 27 weeks on 9/30/11 and we were just discharged from NICU 1wk and 1 day ago. It was a long, difficult, scary, and emotional journey. I have two older boys who were born full term with no complications, so this was definitely a new experience for us. I find the hardest part for us now that he is home is getting him to sleep in his bassinet. I'm not sure if being away from us for three months with limited interaction had an impact on him or not. I know for my husband and I we just wanted to hold him at first because for a while the idea of him being home with us felt impossible. He doesn't mind sleeping on the boppy, or in his bouncer/rocker but he hates the bassinet at bedtime. He must fall asleep on our chests and as soon as we lay him down he wakes up in 15 minutes if that. I hope your son will come home soon because i know how difficult it is to leave him there. I look at him and can't believe how big he is and how well he responds to a degree but others may see him and think he's tiny for an almost 4 month old baby. He was born 2lbs 11ozs and now weighs 9lbs 7 ozs. The hospital we were in provides the wrap around care for the parents and preemies after they come home. So, my son will go to the developmental clinic to help make sure he meets his milestones and of course we will do our part at home. I think once you've gone through this experience you can handle anything that comes your way.  There's nothing worst than sitting and watching your baby fight to live, and everything he or she does can have such an impact on themselves. I never thought a baby feeding from a bottle or breast could be a difficult task but i've learned everything a full term baby does is beyond difficult for a micro preemie. My experience with NICU will forever stay fresh in my mind and the experiences i will take with me forever. Can't wait to read you brought your son home.