• I've been trying to stick to a budget and get my son clothes as he grows without breaking the bank. I joined a mommy group and made friends with several mothers who had boys a year prior to mine. When they are done with a certain size of clothing, they pass it on to me. What a great gift! Do you all have any other ways you save money buying clothes? 

  • My neighbor looks on Craig's List to get baby clothes for my daughter.   She gets them real cheap, sometimes a whole box full for a few bucks.  Many of them still have the tags on them.

  • Funny you should say that - I just tried Craigslist! I bought a HUGE trash bag full of awesome clothes for just $40. The winter jacket in there alone would be probably $50! What a great resource - good suggestion!

  • Great advice! In our area, there are several entities which host consignment sales for gently used baby clothes, toys, gear, etc. These events are great for both buying AND selling! Last year, my wife ended up bringing home two bags of clothes and she actually made money in the process by selling some things we don't use! If there is nothing like this in your area, it's not a bad idea to group with a local charity and host a similar consignment event that can also help raise money for a good local cause.

  • I just heard about a church in our area that had a swap where you bring gently used toys and clothes and take whatever you want from it home. Great for Christmas gifts! 

  • i dont know what area your in but i have a soon to be 11 month old son and would be happy to pass his old clothes on to you or anyone else.