new to site

  • Hi, my name is Ramsey and I am new to this site. My daughter is now 7 months old and she is crawling and trying to stand up on her own. She has been sick for the last couple of days now and is being very fussing and attached. This is my first one. Being up all night and tired.

  • Mommy93-

    I wanted to be the first to welcome you to the site.  I think that you will find this a place safe for any and all questions and very supportive as well.  Bring all your questions that you are looking for help with.  There are a lot of other :strong moms" here on the boards and I am one of several moderators. If you are coming in for a specific question you might look at the boards and see if there is anything similar that was already posted, then ask yourself-what did they do?  What looks like did not go well ?  What DID go well?  I know it s fighting an uphill battle!

    Hang here,


  • Mommy93- 

    I feel your pain. My little boy has been sick several times this winter and I get absolutely no sleep when he is not feeling well. As much as you can, try to take a nap when your baby does. Easier said than done but hang in there! It will pass - can anyone give you a bit of help by taking her for a car ride to see Christmas lights or something? Hoping you can get a break. Hugs!