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  • hello every one,

                               i am new here. as well as i am a new mom. my baby is 1 month old now. i tried to breast feed but my supply was not to his demand so i started to formula feed him and now he is doing fine. got to rush he woke up....



  • Hi, my son is just over a month by days. I also am doing the whole formula, because my milk only came in on one side, which was never enough. At first I was really hard on myself, he is my first, and our ob office was very pushy with breastfeeding, and they looked at me like I was a horrible mother for doing formula, to the point I would just cry because my milk wouldn't come.


  • Rashi and Ayv (And others reading this)-

    I want to let you know that you not breastfeeding does not make you a bad mom in anyway at all!!!  Your babies main goal in life right now is gaining weight and growing.  In order to do that you are using formula that provides them with calories, nutrients, protein and essential elements needed-for growth!  Even if you only breast fed for one day those babies got many building blocks for a healthy life.  You are now doing exactly what  you need to do to keep baby healthy and growing,

    good work!


  • Thanks for the encouragement. I had a great moment this week when we went to the doctor for his one month check and my son has gained 3 pounds and is growing just fine. Also, the Dr.'s office gave us samples of his formula, that was a surprise, my ob's office wouldn't give any samples or the gifts that like similac would give, because they felt there was no other way besides breastfeeding. Thank goodness his Dr. isen't the same way. Surprise

  • Glad to hear that your baby is growing well and that everything is going well. Glad that you are here on Strong Moms! 

  • What wonderful news that baby is gaining and growing just as he should be.  I'm glad that you have a medical provider that can meet your needs and offer support and guidance.  Please keep us posted on how things are going.

    take care,


  • Congrats to you on your babies! I always was annoyed by people who make you feel like an inferior mother because you either cannot or have chosen not to breast feed. It is the first in many lessons as a parent that your baby is YOURS and not theirs and you can raise your baby in the best way you see fit. Disregard those who are negative and continue making choices that YOU feel are best for your baby... sorry for venting!

  • Glad to hear you are getting the support you need and that your little baby is growing strong. I agree with the other posters - nothing should make you feel inferior about raising your child in your own manner. You are the mom and you know best for your child. :-)