7 week old baby not sleeping problems

  • so my 7 week old baby won't fall asleep unless i hold her on my chest till she is in a deep sleep or if i put her in a bouncy and bounce her till she is asleep, but most the time she has to fall asleep on my chest then i have to put her in her swing other wise she wakes right up.. am i spoiling her by letting her fall asleep on my chest all the time? and does anyone have a tip on getting her use to sleeping in her crib?

  • I read some good advice once that said "You can't spoil a newborn."

     I would do whatever it takes so that you both can get some sleep. I waited til 3-4 months until I started sleep training. When I began I would feed her and once she was sleepy but still awake I would place her in her crib. She would just go right to sleep. Good luck!