22 year old mommy with 5 month old twins and 18 month old

  • New to the site Looking to meet some moms with twins or in my situation with close to almost triplets lol
  • Melissahastwins-

    Congrats are your pregnancy and what excitement-twins!  Do you know if they are girls, boys or one of each?  There must be something in the air as your post in the 3rd one in the last 2-3 days where mom is having twins!  Check out some of the other boards and you will see this in their title.  What are you most excited about?  What do you have the most apprehension about?

    Keep us posted, thanks for sharing the great news on the twins!


  • Welcome to the site! I am so glad you found us. I am a mom of 4 under 6 years, which is challenging at times, but totally fun as well. I know you are busy and running ragged right now, but in just a few short years, your three will be best of friends! Instant playmates!


  • your absolutly right ... and took the word right out my mouth challenging but very fun i know im young but i get lots n lots of complments with my kids .... they go where i go no excuse food shoping, mall, arrons my oldest is eighteenmonths  n i have yet to ever pawn my kids on any one aslide dad/hubby n im very proud of it .....

  • Melissahastwins-

    I'm so sorry I think I misread your post, sounds like the twins are already born.  You must be one busy mom!  What's amazing is that we are seeing a lot of mom's of twins posting on the board right now.  Take a look at the pregnancy board and you will see quite a few.  It sounds like you an amazing job with them!

    Take care and keep us posted,