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  • hello everyone. sorry it took so long for me to post this as some moms following my posts wanted an update. i have been busy with my new baby girl! Big Smile she came a few days before her due date which was a huge surprise haha. she was born 7 pounds, 6 ounces and is the picture of health. im so greatful and proud to be a new mommy. the only negative thing about the whole experience was that i ended getting a severe tear and recovery for it isn't great at all. yet i know hat if it came down to it, id go through it all over again for her. anyway, right now im working on getting her into a sleeping schedule and its been difficult. lets just say its been a really long first week especially since i decided to breast feed. i want whats best for her and breastmilk is the way to go when it comes to that, but i can't catch a break. and since it hasn't been long since she'sbeen born, i  can't seem to pump much milk at all yet. its just been kinda frustrating and her fighting me when i try to feed her doesn't help. any suggestions?

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    I am a new mom as well. my baby is 4 months  and she is the joy of my life. First congratulations!!! I myself had a big tear. what helped me most was the sitz bath. I did it multiple times a day. I also want to encourage you and tell you that IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER.  keep that in mind and enjoy your baby. it is also my opinion that it might be to soon to try to put her on the schedule. For the first two months with my baby, I relaxed  and just followed her cues. Soon enough I was able to figure out her eating pattern and sleeping pattern.  

  • Hi, Congrats on your new baby girl!! I have a 3 month old little boy and he is truly the joy of my life. I am breast feeding as well. There were a few challanges up front, sore nipples, extreme tiredness and I too had a tear...yes, sitz baths are great. I want to encourage you that in time you baby will get on a regular sleeping schedule. I am just now working with my son, so it does take time. As far as your milk suppy, don't worry. Your milk will come in  and will adjust to your babies feeding needs. The most important thing to remember, is follow your little girl's cues. She will let you know when she is hungry. Give it all time and enjoy every moment. Breast feeding is so beautiful because you share a bond with your child that no one else can. BlessingsSmile

  • Congrats on the delivery of a healthy baby girl.  I can't imagine anything better!  I'm so sorry that you are dealing with pain and having to do a bigger healing assignment than you thought you were going to have.  I applaud your commitment to breast feeding, and you are right there are huge benefits.  You do need to sleep and take care of yourself though or you will have problems healing.  One thought I had is that you can call your daughters doctor or your gyn and see if they can make a referral for a lactation consultation.  I'm not sure if you have met with one before, but these incredible nurses are trained just to help you and baby figure out how to best nourish baby and keep mom healthy.  I think that this might really help you.  If you need more direction on this then post back and I can answer any questions.

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  • Congratulations! Have you tried talking to a lactation nurse at the hospital? Ask her about nipple shields. These can really help your baby latch on well and her sucking will naturally produce more milk. Good luck and let us know what works! 

  • thank you for the support everyone. she's actually gotten better since yesterday! but if any problems do come up, ill contact a lactation consultant for sure and yes, sitz baths are great. i just have a bit of a problem finding time to use it, but when i do get the chance, be rest asured that i do use it. i also have a numbing ointment and tucks pads with witch hazel to help heal the tear which is doing better now by the way, since its been a little over a week. i just hope time flies (in a way) so that she can get on a good sleeping pattern not just for my sake but her father as well, since we have her roomed in with us. he's already back at work and gets up at 4am, so you could imagine the lack of sleep he's gonna get. well, its getting late and the baby seems to REALLY be sleeping i better jump at this chance and get to bed myself. goodnight! ill kepp you guys posted!

  • I'm so glad that you gave us an update on how things are going with your little one.  It sounds like you are doing a great job with your daughter.  I know those first few weeks are very challenging as everyone works toward finding a routine.  Please continue to come here and just ask for any support you might need.  More than happy to help in anyway we can.

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  • Good to hear your update!! Keep it up with the breastfeeding - it really does get more efficient, easier, and less time consuming. Babies just need a little time to practice such a big skill. I hope your tear heals up soon - it really does affect your movement and comfort when sitting down, etc. Hang in there and nap when you can. The housework and other things can wait till later! :-) 

  • Hello,

    Congratulations first time Moms! 

    I am a first time mom here too and have a 6 week old baby girl that I adore! I dreamed for so long to have a baby and that dream has come true :)  She came in at 9lbs 15 oz by C-section.  This was not the original plan but she was what they call transverse.  Anyways, I am jealous of those that have been able to do the breastfeeding..I tried for several weeks but she wanted to eat and my milk never really dropped even with the hourly feedings and pumping with a medela pump.  I even went to a lactation specialist and was given another route to try which included a tiny hose with an attachment for a small formula bottle taped to me so she could nurse and take the formula at the same time.  It worked for about a week.  I agree breast feeding is the best and being a first time mom, maybe i didn't push hard enough but with her loosing ounces at each weekly check up scared me. 

    I hope things have gotten better for you with the feedings and healing :)


  • MoonDream -

    So sorry to hear about your struggles with breastfeeding. It sounds like you did a lot of things to try and help it along. I wanted to just say that you should be proud of yourself for seeking out help and trying different methods for bringing your milk in. It's hard being a first time mom! Just be encouraged that you are doing a great job and congrats on your sweet girl. :-)


  • First congrats on the new baby. I do agree that it is a lil more hard when u breast feed inthe beginning due to you are the only one that can feed the baby. But it does get better. Soon you can pump more and its daddy turn to feed.!!!!