6 months old still not rolling from back to belly

  • my six months old son still does'nt roll from his back to his belly. he does move a lot.it's more of the "swimming", the next time i know his head is on the other side of the bed/crib. he does have a strong kick and he used this for him to move his head up .i'm kinda worried since some of my friends said he has to be rolling at this time.....opinions??????

  • don't worry my second one start rolling when she was 9 monts now i have 7 monts old and he starts to rolling  now every baby is differend.  :)))

  • Every baby is different my 7 month old rolls all over the place but she will not sit up by herself good.   If you put toys in front of her and sit behind her she will sit up by herself but let her find out she is sitting by herself then she will fall over and then you can't get her to sit up for awhile. 

  • My 7-1/2 month old just started rolling from her belly to back about 2 weeks ago and now she can't stop rolling.  I wouldn't worry as all babies develop at their own speed.

  • My son is 7 months old and he only rolls from his tummy to his back...not the other way.  The doctor thinks its fine Big Smile

  • Don't worry! My daughter didn't roll from back to front until 7 months, but crawled a few days later. My advice is to continue to provide tummy time and maybe try some incentives like having your son follow one of his favorite toys. If he reaches for the toy, he might just make the move to his tummy. If not, he will enjoy the playing and the sight of his favorite toy. Be patient and remember that every child grows and develops at his/her own pace.