Great gift for sick babies - breast milk banking

  • I donated breast milk to a hospital in Raliegh N.C. for sick infants and it was a wonderful feeling knowing that the milk I did not need (in excess) was used to help sick babies. It is pretty simple and it is a great thing to do to help others. no money needed. The hospital used it for premature babies only and it is possibly saving lives. What a joy to know. It is not even scary to donate like some feel about blood donating.

  • That is such a wonderful idea and I am so glad you thought of sharing that with everyone. We use donated breast milk in our NICU as well and it really does help the little ones. Great idea!

  • Wonderful! We are starting up a donor milk bank at our hospital and I am very excited to see it up and running. Breast milk is invaluable to premature babies and their fragile bodies. You should feel very proud of yourself - I hope you keep spreading the word to other moms. It'd be great if people felt comfortable doing this all the time, when they are able. :-) 

  • I wanted to thank you for donating your BM.  My son was born almost 12 weeks early and because of people like you he was able to have breast milk right away.  Since I missed almost a full trimester of pregnancy I couldn't produce what he needed.  But preemies need breast milk because of how much easier it is to digest.  People who are as generous as you really help babies in need. 

    After 79 days in the NICU my son has been home for almost 5 weeks and we're doing well.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful donation.

  • That breast milk is truly liquid gold.  What a wonderful blessing to give to a newborn's life.  I'm so glad MommaMina can share her positive experience with this!


  • MommaMina -

    What a touching note! It warms my heart to hear stories like yours. The hospital I work at is currently working to implement a donor milk bank and I couldn't be more excited for all of our NICU babies. Such a gift - so glad to hear that your son is home and doing well after such a long NICU stay. CONGRATS!!