1st time mom need help with newborn sleeping.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer and I am a first time mom. My baby is 3 weeks old and she's drinking the similac sensitive. I am having a hard time when it comes to night time and her sleeping. She sleep's really well during the day but when it comes to mid-night to 5am she will be crying. Does anyone know any tips that will help me. I've try taking her a late bath and feeding her but that doe snot seem to work. 

  • Those first 6 weeks are really difficult as babies adjust to life outside of the womb. More than likely it is a phase and one that she will grow out of soon enough. Until then, make sure she is changed and fed at night in a dimly lit room so she gets used to the fact that it is night. Then make sure that she is swaddled and go ahead and rock her. If she'll take a pacifier, give it to her. Just make sure you don't turn on lights or stimulate her like you would during the day. Soon enough she'll get on track. Good luck!

  • I'm so sorry that you and your baby are having sleepless nights, that is so frustrating AND exhausting!  Is this a sudden change for your baby?  Or has it been a slow progression with her sleeping less and less each night?  I think that it would be worthwhile to think about what was going on with baby in the week or so before this started?  What changed?  The next question is, when she is up crying is she unconsolable for that entire time?  If she is awake and in misery I think it's worth a trip to the doctor.  There is such a things as a "fussy baby", but it concerns me that there has been a change in her behavior.  There are many things that can make a baby fussy like this.  Sometimes a babies have very mild infections that show this way.  We do see a lot of babies with reflux that just have terrible nights.  You would think that a baby with reflux would be fussy all day and night, but honestly I do see kids that do well during the day but not as well at night.  So, my message here-it might be time for a check up.

    Let us know how things are going,


  • It sounds like colic, our son went through the same thing, except for i was breastfeeding. We thought it was colic because he would start late at night and cry for hours, well colic does start around the age of one month and is characterized by late night unconsolable crying lasting more than 3 hours at least three times a week. Thankfully our son did not have colic, he was not getting enough to eat, but with you formula feeding she should be getting plenty to eat so it just may be colic :(