• I know most babies start teething around 6 months. What about premature babies? I know they have development and growth delays but does this count for teeth growth as well? I couldn't imagine them starting to get teeth anytime soon. They just turned 5 months on the 24th and they are so tiny. They look like newborns. They both weigh about 10lbs. Are there any other signs of teething besides excess spit and being fussy? They have both issues.

  • My little girl was 4 months old when she got her 1st two teeth on the bottom.  I thought 4 months was a little young but my mom & mother-in-law said both my husband & I cut our teeth early.  My little girl was irritable late in the afternoon when she was teething plus she drooled alot and wanted to put everything in her mouth.  Everybody told me to just keep checking her gums to see if I felt anything and I think the gums will be a white color at least my little girls were.  Hope that helps.

  • Actually, the excess spit and being fussy may have nothing to do with teething, so you may not have to worry about teething yet. When teeth are ready to come through, you'll still see these signs, but can also see swollen gums, increased gnawing on hands or other hard surfaces, refusal to eat, difficulty sleeping, and other things like that.

  • My little girl is 8 months old now and has been gnawing on hands and just about anything she can fit in her mouth for the past month, but I still can't feel or see any teeth.  Is it safe to assume they will appear soon?


  • jabrule77- I think it is safe to say that you should be seeing teeth sometime soon. I do know some babies who didn't get their first teeth until they were one, but most get them sooner.