thank u

  • hey thank u for the post im feeling great after having the baby  lastnite it was kid of painful

    but i did it she was a big baby with a lot of hair her name is isla

    i cant wat to go hoome let meet her big sister in rest of the family

  • Congrats on that healthy baby girl!  That is fantastic.  I'm so glad that you will get to take her home soon and begin a whole new life together!



  • Thanks so much i cant wait to go home with my new baby in t

    thank you again in god bless u

  • Oh my goodness, she is super cute! And I love the name! Congratulations again and I hope you get some rest before you get to go home!

  • So cute!! What a great picture! I LOVE her name. So pretty. :-) I'm excited for your new little family and congrats to you!!