love my baby!

  • Simply cannot wait to watch my baby grow, all the tips from other moms help!  Thanks Similac!

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! How old is your baby? Is this your first? Let us know how we can help you!

  • orangerod-

    AWESOME!  I'm so glad that you are getting the support and guidance of our mom's and moderators.  That's exactly why we are all here-to support (be your cheer team) and answer questions as we can.  Thanks so much for sharing your positive thoughts!

    Big Smile -Jess

  • I know, it is amazing watching them grow and develop their personalities. I have a newborn, she was born on 1-28-12. She is my fourth child and believe it or not the hardest labor with the lightest birth weight,,,lol,, go figure. The most amazing thing about giving birth to a new baby is the love that is born with that baby and the way the love grows for the child as it grows.

  • Me too, I was amazed by my babies growth. I see new to her everyday and feel very happy every time I see her smiling at me.