me in the family

  • omg im having the best time of my life with my kids my family is doing good

    ihave never felt this way before but my kids is the best thing that ever happend in this have been a great two weeks my baby is now nine pounds

    already i just cant wait to see her grow with her big sister and my husband

    love them much its so cute when i wake to go feed the baby and i see

    him laying and the middle on the floor between the crib in bed.....

    and right now i been breast feeding for the past two weeks in i love it 

    well i will update you later in thank u

  • Great post! You really capture the joy of being a parent of young kids... my wife and I have three girls, 4,3 and 1 and I feel the same way you do! Thanks for sharing!

  • Congratulations! I am so happy you are doing well and enjoying this wonderful time with your family. Good luck and welcome to Strong Moms!

  • What wonderful news.  I love hearing such happiness and elation because of family.


  • I love your excitement and enthusiasm! It makes me so excited for my own little baby coming up in August. Keep up the good work, mamma. :-)