I really want to breast feed!

  • I really want to breast feed but no one in my family is encouraging me to. From my grandmother to my cousins, they have all used formula for their children but i definitely want to give breastfeeding a try! I'm  afraid their lack of support will leave me choosing formula for my child also but I surely don't want that to be the case. They all think breastfeeding will be too time consuming. Help anyone with thoughts on breastfeeding.

  • Breastfeeding is hard, and it can be time consuming. Are you going to be a stay at home mom? If so, than I wouldn't worry so much about it being time consuming. I had some problems with my baby latching on but after we got used to it, i loved it... Although I did stop (Because I did start smoking again, I know just about the dumbest moment of my life) and now I would do just about anything to have that time back, its wonderful bonding time, it's also cheaper and better than formula. Anyway I would contact a breastfeeding consultant, they are usually very helpful, especially if you have any problems. If YOU want to try breastfeeding, than I think you should do it, it's your child and your experience, but again, if you do find it's too time consuming or have any other problems, like not producing enough or latching (especially latching) or even just different positions, I would definately talk with a consultant before stopping, they could give you ideas you haven't thought about before that may really help. I think that it's worth a try! And if it's not right for you, you need to make that decision, please don't let anyone else help you, you need to come to the decision yourself, Can you ask your family to be a little more supportive, even if that means being more patients when it takes you a little bit more time or not minding when you have to feed in public? If you really want to breastfeed, you CAN do it!!!!!

  • TaylerRae,

    I have to say, I'm proud to read that you want to do it!! Breastfeeding is much much better for baby than formula!! How far along are you? Honestly, I've done both because my baby girl had a hard start. All she wanted to do was sleep for the first few days, so she lost a lot of strength. So I had to give her formula for a few days before I got a breast pump (which you could also do) and I have to say, it was much more time consuming. Both the formula and the pump! By time consuming (formula), I mean that when your baby is hungry, he/she doesn't want to wait for three to four minutes for a warmed bottle. And a pump, well, that takes up a lot of time. I am only breastfeeding right now, and it is WONDERFUL!! It is a great bonding opportunity and, my baby girl doesn't have to wait until I can get her her bottle. Plus, it is so fun to see her face go from hungry to recognizing me feeding her. She gets the biggest grin when she realizes what is coming. :) I would encourage you to try breastfeeding!! It is definitely the better option for baby and you! Good luck!


  • Thanks alot Megz846, I am a college student right now therefore I know I will have to store my milk when I am in class and away from my child. Thankfully my school has a breastfeeding lounge, where I will be able to pump when I have to in between classes. I really appreciate your advice and will start looking for a breastfeeding consultant asap!

  • If you want to breast feed then there is no reason why you shouldn't! Don't listen to your family and seek out others who are more supportive of your choice. There are lactation consultants, lactation nurses, and nursing support groups through the La Leche League. Ask your pediatrician or OB for some advice as well. When your baby is born, make sure you use the resources in your hospital to help you get the hang of latching your baby on. While it is time consuming at first, it does get MUCH easier with each passing month. Good luck and let us know if you need any advice! I breast fed all 4 of my children. 

  • One thing that i LOVE about being an adult is that I get to consider all of the input of others in my life (including mom, gmom, ect) and then i get to think it over and make my own decision.  You are both and adult and you are mom-in charge of a very important future-that of your childs!

    Stick with what you believe,


  • I echo everyone else - stick to your guns! You CAN breastfeed and you can be proud to breastfeed and show members of your family a healthy and natural way to raise your child. Frankly, washing, sterilizing, warming, and preparing bottles takes up a lot of your time too! Being able to breastfeed anywhere you want is healthy and inexpensive as well as convenient! Most hospitals have lactation consultants when you deliver. Ask to speak to one when you are there and get some good teaching and advice from them. Find out where you can go to get help after you leave the hospital if you have any questions. You could call either the La Leche League or call the hospital itself. Often they offer breastfeeding classes - consider taking one so that you feel like you know what to expect and get some good resources out of it too! YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • I would say to go with the breast feeding because it is way better for the baby to have breast milk. Formula is ok too if you do chose to go with it. But the goog thing about breast feeding is no having to get up and make warm bottles. Plus you develope this special thing with your baby. I love breastfeeding my son. Its the only way we are like one again.

  • Tayler Rae,

    As a first time mom, I had a made a decision from the time I found out I was pregnant that I was going to breast feed.  Where I come from (a small town in Ecuador) the women breast feed their babies.  Don't get me wrong it was hard at first, one because my daughter did not want to latch, but once she latched which can take up to a week, it was home free for me.  The hospital where the baby was born have a great lactation consultant and their were great in helping me when I had a questions.  Although I suffered with sore nipples and engorgement because I tried to not pump when I felt full that it would result in breast becoming hard, It was the best decision I made.  I don't regret it.  As for time consuming, it may be at first, once you have it down pack it will be a piece of cake. 

  • I agree with the other posters... Breastfeeding is WAY better for your baby; both nutritionally and for bonding. It is much less expensive, even if you were to buy the most expensive breast pump on the market it will still be less expensive. I started out breastfeeding my daughter and I miss it so much. She would smile so big when she realized it was time to eat and she would do the cutest things while eating that only I could witness. It was the most special time that I was able to share with her and it was worth every second. I only stopped breastfeeding because my milk didn't agree with my daughters belly and she was super collickey; so we switched to Similac Advanced with early shield and that helped her a ton. Even so She goes through about 6 large containers a month... so i'd say I spend about 138 dollars a month before tax on formula, Similac is really good about sending out coupons, but still expect to put aside some extra $ for formula regardless of the brand you choose if you decide to go with formula. Then you have to buy and replace bottles or nipples due to wear and tear or the need to change stages... not to mention all the stuff you need for cleaning bottles.As far as time is concerned it takes me about 45 minutes to thoroughly clean 7 fairly high maintenance bottles, 5 minutes to prepare one bottle, and 15-20 minutes for my daughter to drink one 5oz. bottle. She drinks about 5 a day... So i'd say that I spend an extra hour and a half  a day fiddling around with bottles vs the time I used to spend with my daughter instead. So really you wind up spending more time and money on bottles than you ever will breastfeeding. That's my experience and opinion in a nut shell.

  • Breastfeeding can be difficult and time consuming. Explain to them why you want to breastfeed and tell them that it will be much easier with their support. If your child takes to the breast it will actually be less time consuming than formula because you don't have to prepare a bottle before you feed. If you have to pump it may be more time consuming. Either way trying is the important part, but if for some reason you have to use formula don't feel guilty because your child is still getting the nourishment they need.