First time Mom and need advice on restless 1 month old..

  • Hello! This is my first time on the community board and it's so nice to see such support from everyone for one another. I'm hoping someone can help me and my husband with our daughter as we don't know what to do anymore.

    My baby girl sleeps normally at night (we typically get her bathe by 8:30pm and into bed by 9:30pm) with one or two times wake for feeding/changing. However, during the daytime, she appears restless even after feeding/changing, bouncing her on our laps, taking a drive around the neighborhood, interacting with her etc. And when we do get her to nap, she wakes up immediately once we put her down or she sleeps for only a few minutes and wakes up crying.

    When we first bought her home, she slept routinely like a clock day and night after each feeding. Is there something that we're doing wrong that is making her restless in the daytime but not night time all of a sudden? Are there tricks that some of you used that has worked? Any advice would help as we really don't know what to do any more. Thank you!


  • You are doing a great job of instilling a bedtime routine for her with bath and bed.  It also sounds like you are very good job of trying different things.  One thing that can be very important for new babies is to be in an envt. that has very little stimulation.  This means when it's time for her to go down, a bottle, and then you might try bundling her nicely, laying her on her back in her crib, and giving her a binky.  I often stand there with my hand across their tummy and hold lightly for security for a minute or two and then quietly leave the room.  If she stirs, go quietly back to the crib without turning on lights or noise and offer binki back, hand back on her tummy and gently rock her or just hold hand there for security.  Then quietly leave again.  Making sure she is comfortable and safe, help her calm, and then let her learn to settle herself to sleep.  They really do learn pretty quickly, so give it a try.  Keep us posted!


  • Babies do begin to outgrow their need to sleep after every feeding. Your little girl may be getting ready to be awake longer and have her naps more spaced out. Consider putting her down to sleep for 3 separate naps when she seems to be getting tired during the day. Maybe a few hours after getting up in the morning, late morning, and afternoon nap. You maybe end up moving her bed time back a little bit to 830 in order to put her down if she is tired at night. It can be a little frustrating to figure out your new schedule but things are always changing with little ones. Hang in there!

  • At one month old, her nervous system is really starting to wake up! This is both good and bad. While she may want to stay awake and interact with her environment, she is still little and needs lots of sleep. Some babies fight it and end up overstimulated which can look like a restless sleeper. Try giving her a few days of quiet time. Feed her, play with her lightly, but try not to overstimulate her or keep her in a crowded or brightly lit room. Make sure she is sleeping enough during the day and she may sleep better at night. I know it sounds wrong, but good daytime sleep does translate into good nighttime sleep. Try it!


  • Thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions and advice! I've started mixing and applying each of the suggestions given and it worked this past weekend!!!!! At first she was still a bit fussy with some whimpers and cries and would wake up like before. We persevered and tried additional suggestions when we made the second attempt which resulted in some rebellion but after a few moments of struggle, she slept for an hour straight. By the third feeding/changing, my daughter clocked almost 3hrs naptime (this is after drinking 3.5oz compared to 2oz the first and second attempts). My husband and I  finally got some peace without needing to tend to our daughter's needs every few minutes like before - what a treat! We are so grateful for all of your advice. THANK YOU for the help and support - you guys are AWESOME (and I'm finally not breaking down in frustration, stress and tears)! Smile

  • Wonderful! Such good news!! All of us have different experiences with different children, so I'm thrilled you were able to pick and chose from our advice. It's so nice when you can problem solve and feel peaceful about the way things are going with your kids. Mommyhood is no joke! Keep up all the good work and come back here to let us know how things are going. :-)

  • It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face to hear that you were able to get some relief and that the little one is a bit better!  I'm hoping that things just continue to improve.  Please keep us posted!!


  • I'm so glad you figured things out! Babies can be tricky, but I am glad we were all able to help! Now you can pass along your advice to other moms on this site!