watching the baby every day??

  • does anyone has a member of the family thay want to see the baby everytime she comes from school? it is frustraiting that every day you have to that person in your room trying to see the baby. i do... i don't like that because my baby is not a new doll or a trophy to show. she knoks the door every day just to see wath the baby is doing, i think that is uncomfortable for anyone. i need more privacity.

  • I understand what you mean. When my little girl was first born I lived with my mom and i'd wake up sometimes and my baby would be gone. My mom would take her and do what grandmas do best.... love on the baby. Or my brothers and sisters would take her when they were around. My younger sister actually demanded that she be the first of the family members to hold her when she was born. My little Hazel is so lucky to have so many people around her who love her that much, and the same for your little one as well. In any case you need to be honest with the person and let them know how nice it is that they care about your baby so much, but you need your time with him/ her also. you just need to be clear on when it's appropriate for the baby to have visitors so that it's not too overwhelming or comfortable for you.

  • thanks for your comprensation, it's nice to find someone else thinking the same way, it's difficult to be honest and stop receving visitors as you said. it is because i live with my father and mother-in-law, and the person that comes to visit me is my husband's sister, she is 10. we have two houses in the same adress we live in one of them, so it's difficult to say "i don't want you to come and visit us everytime after school" because that is more her house that mine.

  • I know it is difficult right now, but your little baby is incredibly lucky to have so many people in her life who are so excited she is around! This little girl sounds super excited to be a new aunt and although it may not be convenient at times, you should encourage this bonding between them. Soon enough she will be a teenager and you may want her to babysit!!! :) Besides, there may be things she can do to help you with the new baby. Maybe you could let her rock the baby while you get the dinner prepared..etc. If you are really tired, just explain to her that you would love her to visit, but now is not a good time...Just be careful with her feelings though---and remember that she is just a child as well! ::)

  • I have the same issue I live between my mother and father -in law,and my brother and sister in law. It's nice to have the support but  I have a 5 year old niece and a 2 1/2 year old nephew that don't know how to be genital. They love to come see her, hold her, and kiss on her. But sometimes it would be nice for them to stay home.

  • I agree with you MommyRN4, 

  • Be thankful that your baby is so loved.