Sleeping habbits

  • Hi moms out there! My son was sleeping through the night until we moved him to his crib.  Now he gets up every few hours! Sometimes just for his binky other times we have to rock him back to sleep.  We have tried every position in the crib and have bought every sound machine possible! Any other suggestions? Also, he used to take two great naps a day! His naps were usually around 2 1/2 hours in the morning and 3 1/2-4 hours in the afternoon but recently he wakes up after a half hour-hour and wants to be held the rest of his nap! How do I get him to sleep on his own again?

  • It may just be that he's not used to his new sleeping arrangements. If you had him in a bassinet in your room then he may be able to sense you're absence in his own room. My brother and his girlfriend slowly moved their daughters bassinet out of their room over a period of a couple weeks. Once she was comfortable in her new location they'd move her a little further away. first from their bed side to the door, then out side the door then into her own room. once she slept well in her own room they moved her into her crib... Maybe the switch for him was too sudden. In any case I think he will adjust to his new sleeping arrangements in time if you stick with comforting him when he wakes up then putting him back to sleep. Hopefully some of the other moms will have more solid advice for you... I haven't run into this issue yet... My daughter is still in her bassinet.

  • How old is your little boy? Sometimes it is hard to make the transition from bassinet to crib. Have you tried swaddling? Sometimes that can be helpful for keeping babies asleep. I think if you continue to be consistent with bedtime routines and keep things the same with lights dim and low, he will eventually go back to his better sleep habits. Hang in there! 

  • Yes, let us know how old your little guy is and tell us a little more about his sleep schedule and nap schedule. Hopefully we can help!