advice for the diaper rash!!!

  • my baby sometimes poops 3 times a day, and i have to change her diaper frequently for the pee!! her skin is already irritated and the cream im using seems to be working very slowly. what kind of diaper rash  cream do you use, to see if it works for my baby!!

  • prisy00-

    It sounds like your baby is normal in that she is having lots of good diapers!  However, just as you stated this is really hard on skin.  What your kiddo needs in any kind of "barrier cream".  A barrier cream protects the skin (forms a barrier) from the urine and poop.  There are many different brands of cream and I don't think it matters which one you choose, I'd say if one doesn't work-try another!  The other thing that is really helpful for red sore diaper area skin is having some time without that diaper on.  If you can put her (and I can't remember how old your daughter is) in her crib for instance with the diaper under her, but let her clean skin have some good time to dry in the air (esp. after a bath) this is one of the best things you can do.  Then when it's time to put her diaper back on apply that barrier cream.

    Let me know how things are going!


  • Burt's bees seem to work best for my baby. It smells good too :) 

  • A&D Oinment has worked great for my daughter.  No diaper rash yet. 

  • hello everyone, tanks to all of you for the advices.. i was using boundeaux's butt paste, the hospital were i delivered gave it to me. esterday i bought desitin and started using it. also i did what jess_baby told me. i leave my daughter with out the diaper for a while after bath and i seems to be working really well. the irritated skin is going away.

  • I like Triple past and Burt's bees

  • Oh so glad that it's helping to give that kiddo's skin some time to dry.  I love it that everyone had such good advice.  As you can tell different things work for different kids-so if one thing doesn't work, try something else.  :)


  • Did you get the huge things at the hospital that they put under you to prevent you from bleeding and leaking on the mattress?  Our daughter is 6 months now and we use that at night after the bath to let her air dry in the crib on that one.  It works great!  Also, if it is a warm spot you can go daily for one nap without the diaper in the crib to give her skin a chance to breath without the creams and powders.  My daughter loves it and looks forward to doing that daily! 

  • That's an AWESOME use for the "giant pads of DEATH" as my best friend calls them... I've been using Baby Ganics protective ointment and that has worked wonders. At first i was using the bordeaux butt paste and the rash actually became worse in a matter of days then i got rid of it all together and started the protective ointment and literally over night the rash was half gone. After 3 days it was entirely gone and hasn't come back.

  • Oh yeah, I got them, but I used them for another reason. My baby always use to pee after bath while Im holding her with the towel to calm her crying. She pees my shirt, my pants, and the bathroom rug... always. So what I was doing was holding her with the towel and put that big absorbent thing under the towel too, to prevent that accident. Now I don't have them, but that advice is awesome. Thanks...

  • I think corn starch or baby powder with corn starch in it is the best ,because some times if you use the cream to much  it will make the skin pill.  That is what  my baby's doctor said to me.  :  )

  • Oh, I didn't know that baby powder could contain corn starch. Where did u buy it??

  • One of my three little girls has very sensitive skin, and when she was really irritated we would use Triple Paste. My mother-in-law swears by the corn starch and it really can be quite effective. Our daughter turned out to have some pretty complicated allergies that also led to skin conditions like eczema, so for that we now have prescription skin medication and a list of foods that are off limits. It sounds like your baby just has the typical diaper rash, but if the rash spreads to other places, you should let your pediatrician know.

  • There is this cream that is exclusive to Walgreens called Calmoseptine. Call the pharmacy to make sure they have it and if not it'll take a day to come in. However it does stain clothing so be careful, but it works better then most of the others unless you get a prescription. 

  • prisy00-I wanted to check in with you and see how that rash is, and see if you have additional questions.  A lot of people have responded, which is awesome!  Let me know if you need anything,