Baby Books

  • I love the idea of baby books. Those pretty little packages at the baby or book store are just too cute to resist. I have two each for both my daughters, as they’re also a popular shower gift. Unfortunately, they’re only partially filled in. I try to get as many milestones and pictures in there as possible, but I simply don’t have the time! Do you have a baby book for your child? What are your thoughts on them? How do you keep up?

  • I am the worst at this! I am a perfectionist, so it stresses me out if I can't fill in a blank in the baby book. I don't know when all those teeth came in. My children are not going to care about when those teeth came in.

    I jot down on the calendar when something new happens. Then I get a baby looking scrap book and make my own pages. I have a page with a list of firsts that I had written down (no blanks to fill in!). Then I just make a page for things like the day they were born, first bath, first foods, and holidays. That is the best I can do without having a come apart. Big Smile

    I have finished my sons and am about to work on my daughters.

  • This is an area where my wife and I feel like failures. We have been great at taking pictures of our daughters and we have quite an extensive video collection of them at this point. But the baby books we have have more empty pages than filled in ones. Thanks for posting this because it gives me the motivation to get back to it!

  • Over the years, I've used the baby books to store calendars and mementos from daycare and haircuts, etc., to be written down at a later date. As my older daughter heads full-on toward puberty, I've still yet to catch up with all of those things I meant to record! I guess it just goes to show that our priorities are more with making a good life for our kids than writing it all down. :)

  • Keeping up with those baby books are time consuming. I have so many blanks. I tried keeping up with it and gave up. So what i do is jot down on a piece of paper/napkin/postit, (anything thats around), the date and the milestone they accomplished. then i toss it into this memory box i made my daughter. Its so much easier than jotting it in the book, something you dont carry around with all the time.