Sleeping habits

  • My baby is 8 months old and very active.  I have trouble making him sleep especially at nightSad . he never sleeps at 8 pm as recommended. I tried giving him shower, message, story time etc (all recommended schedule) but I'm unsucessful. He sleeps not early than 10:30 pm, sometimes it's 12 am before he finally falls asleep with lot of struggle. It seems he fights his sleep.. But the good thing is that he sleeps whole night (only wakes up for diaper change and feeding 2-3 times).


    Can anyone help please as. I want to develop good sleeping schedule for my baby so that later when he starts going to school his routine is normal.



  • Where does your baby sleep?  Helping him acquire a bedtime can be a challenge but what I can tell you is that if you don't help him with this now he will still be fighting or without bedtime at 5 years old!

    You are doing everything right.  My question is, then following your bedtime routine what do you do?  My advice would be to put him in a crib with something to comfort him-a binki, blanket, stuffed animal-whatever is comforting for him.  Then you need to leave.  He may scream, and that is ok.  When he screams offer him his comfort item (from above), then leave.  He may continue to scream and give him and few minutes.  Then re-enter the room.  Do not make eye contact with him or talk in a energetic way, don't turn lights on.  Enter the room, offer him his comfort item, make sure he is safe, and then leave.  You can help him lay down and tuck him in.  Your going to repeat this giving him 4-5 minutes before each entry (HARD I KNOW).  With sometime he will tire and fall asleep.  You will be more tired than him!  You need to repeat this every night.  From experience the first night is terrible.  The second night is much better, the third can be rough, and then things generally even out and go well.  It might help you to look through the toddler and the baby first year boards as there are a lot of posts on these boards about sleeping issues, and you will hear what I've told you reflected from other moms.

    Keep us posted on how things are going,

    Take care,


  • Well dear friend, believe it or not my baby is one month and she does that too. Some nights i have to let her cry for a while, after you change her diaper, and if you already feed her,if she is not cold or hot eather, or have colics and still keeps uncomfortable and just whant your arms or rocking and rocking... doctors say that sometimes babies need to cry for about 5 or 10 or maybe 15 minutes, then try to struggle her one more time. By that time my baby is so tired by the crying that she falls asleep rightaway. I know, maybe you would not like to hear your baby crying, but maybe it could work.hope this help.

  • From my experience, an 8-month old baby is totally different from a one-month old. I agree with Jess's advice, although the only change that we have done with our kids is that the first time we go in, we do it after 5 minutes, the second time after 10 minutes, third time 15 etc. After a day or two of this, all three of our girls began to sleep more soundly and did not need to be comforted through the night. Also, I would think that your 8-month old should not be waking 2-3 times a night for anything at this point, and should be sleeping soundly for an extended period. How many naps does he take during the day, and when does he take them?

  • Have you had a chance to try anything new this week to help your little one get to sleep? Just wondering how you were doing!