Good stories...

  • So, I am looking through the posts, and most of what I see are hardships. Babies not sleeping, crying a lot, whatever. I understand that these boards are for advice and stuff like that, but shouldn't we talk about the good stuff as well? I want to see happy stories too!

    My baby girl is 14 weeks old yesterday and she rolled over and sat up all in one day! She has slept all through the night since she was about eight weeks old. Smile She hasn't giggled yet, but she tries really hard to and it is the cutest thing ever!! Big Smile She is an absolute cuddler! If I have her in the bed with my husband and I (while we're awake) and she's falling asleep she'll squirm and squirm until she is as close to one of us as she can get! Big Smile It's amazing and fun and so cute! Tell me your stories!!

  • I can't agree more ,there are a lot of hardship stories and hopefully we'll start to see more happy ones as well. My little Hazel is 13 weeks old now, and she has already changed so much since she was born. We can't get enough of how awesome of a little person she is becoming every single day. She tries to laugh and giggle also, but it comes out sounding like a dry cough instead, she's starting to get the hang of it now. She thinks animal noises are the funniest thing ever especially the ones with the "oooo" sound. She tries to copy what we're saying but it mostly comes out like excited babbling. When she wakes up in the morning all fussy for a bottle or diaper change and sees me lean over her crib she gets the biggest smile on her "whew mommy is here she'll take care of it" lol. She LOVES to eat! When she assumes the position for her bottle she starts to do her coughing laugh and immediately grabs her bib or anything close and tries gobbling it down, it's actually become difficult giving her bottle to her because she's too busy trying to eat everything else lol. We're working on rolling over, she doesn't like tummy time for more than 5 minute spurts, but she can almost roll from her back to her belly, if only she could figure out how to move her bottom leg under herself she'd have it. She's almost a champ at sitting up, she just scares herself if my hands leave her then she wobbles and starts to fall over, but i can barely touch her and she's just fine, so it's mostly mental at this point. She loves the baby first channel, she'll talk to the tv and kick her legs and swing her arms about... it's been a blast watching her change and develop from day to day, i'm defiantly going to look back on these moments with tons of fond memories in the future. 

  • What a great post! You're right. So many times we focus on the things that aren't going right and forget to focus on the things that are going right! Babies don't always sleep or eat well and sometimes that stresses us out, but they do a lot of wonderful things too! I am looking forward to reading everyone's success stories! 

  • Brinny,

       That sounds like so much fun!! My baby girl enjoys eating as well! I nurse her and she gets so excited!! As soon as she realizes whats coming her mouth opens big and wide and she plunges herself forward. LOL She tries to eat everything even when it is NOT mealtime!! Her hands, my hands, daddy's hands, blankets, clothes, ANYTHING!! Isn't it absolutely amazing when they smile!? I can't get enough of my baby girl smiling!! :D Does Hazel enjoy bath time? I know Ariella does! She LOVES bath time. As soon as she hears the water and gets naked, she gets the biggest smile! Once she's in there, there is no way I'm coming out dry! LOL :D It is SO much fun though! :D

  • so, this is not my baby, but a wonderful story- One of my patients who was very premature is now 8 months old.  She was on the exam table last week and while mom and I were talking we look down and she has been sitting up ALL BY HERSELF, for the very first time!!!  We were so excited clapping and cheering.  It just made my day to see a little one who had been through such tough times meet such a major milestone. 


  • Yes she is a blast... Hard work, but well worth my efforts. She does the same thing with trying to eat everything in sight. She got a hold of my finger the other day and man she has a good bite for a baby with no teeth. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that i had to stop breastfeeding lol. She is going to be cutting a tooth soon, i can feel it pushing up. So far she hasn't been too fussy, just clingy. We just bought her a new swing yesterday and every time i went to check on her she was smiling ear to ear. She has the biggest smile. she's like the best little cabbage patch kid that ever existed lol. She too loves bath time. she kicks and splashes so much that i'm considering wearing a rain jacket for bath time. She'll accidently splash her face sometimes and look startled at what had just happened then she will resume splashing furiously. It's amazing how much love you can have for a single person isn't it?

  • I love it!! Yes, mommyhood is full of the unexpected...but that includes good times too! My little man is 21/2 and is absolutely funny and a joy to be around. He amazes me with the thoughts he is expressing these days and the funny little songs he has learned. He is starting to understand the concept of a joke and tries to tell them to us - hilarious. I wouldn't trade all the crazy times for anything in the world. He is a sweet pea. I love reading all your stories - keep them coming!

  • I am one of those mom's where I can  just talk and talk about my son all day long. My son Riley Samuel is almost  4 months old,(June 8th) I never thought I would be a mom, I never wanted too, however from the moment I found out my life change I was excited started to get everything ready couldn't wait to go to the store and walk threw the baby section. My son smiles and has just started laughing and rolling over (he only seems to be able to roll from his tummy to back, and not back to tummy) He is scooting, and seems to love the taste of his toes and fingers, (he never did take a binky) He is the best little baby ever and I seem to be doing a good job since I am a new mommy, living on my own with little help. I do what I can since my finance always seem to be working or not home. I just can't wait to see what else Riley leans as time goes on and he grows.