Started solids and now won't sleep through the night :(

  • So, I've been on theses forums for 45 minutes looking up my little problem and noticed a lot of people have a similar issue. Now I have done some of the things you guys have recommended, with no luck. My son started eating cereal on 5-15 and since then has been waking between 3-4am hungry, fussy and all out loud. For the past 3 days I've been giving him 5oz of water and sending him off to bed, he usually won't wake until 7 or 8am. I was reading that it could be a habit he's forming but it's a little odd that it started the first night he had cereal, and before then he'd got to bed around 9ish and not wake till 6 or 7am. So how do I get him to sleep through the night again. He keeps waking other people up in the house and him having to sleep in the same room as my husband and I, doesn't give the hubby much sleep before work. Any advice, tips, and trick are all so greatly appreciated. 

  • lilpenquin-

    You are right, any transition in feeding has the potential to be challenging for baby (and parents!).  I wanted to give you a link to the American Academy of Pediatrics.  I entered a search for you and it brought up quite a few links that address feeding transitions.  Take a look and let me know if you have further questions!


  • There is a transition when starting solids, but sometimes they just need a little more milk at night to help tie them over until the morning hours. Make sure he is still getting enough milk throughout the day, even though he started solids. Sometimes you have to increase both! Good luck and let us know if you find out something that works for you!

  • Jess thank you so much for that link I've been all over that site just to see what else it had to offer, there's so much information, it's really helped out. Mommy as you said he might need more milk. Well I've tried a few different things since the 4th and now he's sleeping till 5am so I get more a full nights sleep. I moved his bed time up actually and give him a mix of food, like last night he got 3 tbs of cereal and about 2 tbs of carrots mixed together. And I put him to sleep between 9 and 10 now, it seems to be working out just fine. Except for his scream crying at 11 everynight, but I give him his pacifier, if it's fallen, rub his head and usually he's off to sleep in 2-3 minutes. But all in all I think he's doing better. Thank you both for the suggestions and ultimately the help. Smile

  • So glad to hear that you have found something that works for your little guy! Don't you just wish they came with manuals!!!!

  • Glad you found something that worked for you! It's always hard to figure out exactly what your kids need. Sounds like you are doing a great job. :-)

  • Yes, sometimes I wish he did come with a manual but then again that would take some of the fun and learning out of this whole experience. I try to do my best, with a good amount of help from the awesome people here and a little problem solving and puzzle piecing of my own I think I'm off to a good start.
  • So glad to hear that the site was helpful and that you feel like you are off to a good start.  If we can help further PLEASE POST!  :)