7 Week Old Not on a Schedule? HELP!

  • My 7 week old daughter was doing great until a week ago. She was on a great schedule where she would be awake at 8:30am drink 4oz and we would have play time until 10:30am. She went down in her crib for a nap until 1-1:30pm and wake for another 4oz. We would have more playtime, some tummy time, then in her swing for her afternoon nap around 2:30pm. She would sleep until 5pm drink 4oz, and she would sit with me or daddy and go in her bouncer when my husband and I eat dinner. Sometimes she would take a small nap. At 8:30pm it's bath time and cuddle time in her room with the lights off and her music playing softly. 9pm is her bedtime feeding and bedtime. She then slept until 2 or 3am for another 4oz and right back to sleep. Up once more at 5 or 6am for 4oz and back to sleep until 8:30am. It was the best schedule I could ask for.

    Now all of a sudden she's completely thrown off her schedule. She wants to drink about 5-6oz of formula (which is fine, I know she's growing), but now she is down to 2-3 hours between feedings. Then she fights her naps, doesn't want playtime on the floor. She really only likes her swing now. And it's getting harder to put her back down after her night feedings. If she has a small nap during the day, not matter when she ate last she thinks just because she woke it, it's time to eat.

    How can I put her back on a schedule? I'm going insane! I can't seem to please her anymore. Thanks for listening!

  • I'm sorry your little girl is being difficult... It's a very common tale. You need to remain very flexible and patient. Babies typically won't get on a regular schedule until they are about 6 months old and some even longer. Your baby will change her schedule numerous times over the next several months. Similac has a guide for bottle fed babies which has been very helpful to me. It tells me the average range that my baby should be eating daily (how many bottles at how many oz on average). If your baby isn't full after a feeding it could cause her to want to stay awake instead of go to sleep. You might try to hold her for a while after she has her night bottles to help her to sleep then put her down once she is good and asleep. That's what works for my daughter. She also may have just hit a growth spurt and her body could be trying to readjust to it's new needs. I know every time Hazel hits a growth spurt she gets super cranky and clingy and i have to completely readjust my life for about a week. As she gets older she is going to be staying awake more throughout the day and sleeping and waking at different times. Just stay flexible and stick with it the best you can.. Her body knows what it needs, so if she's sleeping more then she probably needs it, and the same with being awake, and eating...and remember that babies live by their own schedule so it would be wise of you to adjust yours to fit it for a while so you don't exhaust yourself trying to keep up with her. If you feel that she's not acting normal then i urge you to make a visit to her doctor and have her evaluated just to be safe.

  • I agree, I think she's going through a growth spurt. This past Saturday she did not nap at all during the day. I tried to put her down to sleep, but she was wide awake. She would fall asleep in my arms and I tried to lay her down, but she woke right up. So I let her sleep in my arms around 5pm. Since that day she's been off on her naps. Then today I put her down for a nap in her crib around 1:30 and she actually slept until 4. So thankfully she's not as cranky as she's been.

    Thank you for the advice!

  • I'm sorry to hear that things are quite as smoothy as they had been with your daughter. :(  I want to encourage you, as Brinny did, to have her doc just take a peek at her.  When every a baby or young child hasa significant change in behavior it's worth having her evaluated to make sure all is ok.

    I do agree that she is growing-and this is great news!  I think it's just fine for her to have as much swing time as keeps her happy.  She may also prefer to sleep with the head of her head up, and this is just fine!  I also want to encourage you to look at other ways to help her self sooth. Many baby have a blanket that smells like mom and dad that is very comforting.  Some do well with binkis.  This doesn't mean that you shouldn't be feeding her, they are just ways to help her calm after meals so she can go back to sleep.

    Let us know how things are going, and get her in to the doc for a check!


  • Just when you think you settle into a good routine, babies change it up on you! Most kids really don't settle into much of a routine until after a good 6-9 months or more. It's in their nature to switch it up because they are becoming more wakeful, growing, gaining new awareness of their environment, etc. Just try to be in tune with what your daughter is looking for...my son eventually starting dropping the long, long naps and would take three shorter naps. Eventually he dropped to a morning and afternoon nap and, around 1, he dropped the morning nap. One day he loved the floor and play mat and the next day he wasn't having it - you just have to have a variety of little things they might like to do and see what works on any given day! Hang in there - it'll get easier to read her and figure things out. You are not alone!

  • I just wanted to check and see how you and your baby are doing.  It was a few weeks ago that you last posted, and I know that things can change a lot in a few weeks.  If you are feeling up to it I'd love an update.  I also wanted to tell you that I just love your profile picture!  Your baby is beyond adorable!