13 month + Newborn

  • Just looking for some tips on how to introduce new baby to my little one. I am very nervous as to what his reaction might be any ideas?

  • You are one busy momma!  I think that anyway that you introduce the baby to your toddler is fine so long as it's filled with love, reassurance and patience on everyones part.  Encourage your toddler to "be gentle" and give him a ton of positive reinforcement for good interactions with the baby.

    Keep us posted!


  • Congrats on your little ones! You can try giving your 13 month old a baby doll and help him mimic how to care for the baby. Just keep things simple as far as introducing the baby and keep the basic routines that your son has intact such as bath time, bedtime, etc. so he doesn't feel too off kilter. I have friends who have kids close together and they simply see the younger child as another baby in the house and a buddy to play with eventually. :-)

  • At 13 months old, it is hard to really get through to them that it is a baby and something they have to be careful with. Just be sure you are taking the necessary safety precautions and never leave them alone in a room together. I used to put our baby in her bouncy seat in a pack n play to keep her safe from her brother. Try to encourage him to help you put lotion on the baby 's feet or to give the baby her pacifier. It is rough, but in time they will be best buds!

  • Yea true, my son is a busy body. never stopping to play and very energetic. I have heard some very scary stories of older ones pulling baby off of couch and even hitting.

  • I was wondering the same thing. I have a 7 month old and I am due with another boy in Jan. They will be 11 months apart.