Baby's 1st plane trip... Help!

  • Hi everyone! I'm a first time mom & getting ready to take my 9 month old son on his first plane trip to visit family. The flight is relatively short... Only 3 hours, but that could also be the longest 3 hours of our lives, too, if I'm not prepared. :) He's a pretty easy going little guy & very good natured, but this wil definitely be a new experience for both of us & I want to make it as comfortable & happy for him as possible. Any tips or suggestions would be most appreciated!

  • first check with the airline on what you can and can't bring on the plane. i'm trying to get around the bringing liquids on the plane stuff since my daughter drinks bottles and our flight is 7 hours long. did you buy him his own seat or is he sitting in your lap? that will make a big difference on the amount of space you have for things. Does he still chew everything he touches? this might be a good time to introduce coloring. maybe some non electronic toys, books... let him tire himself out before getting on the plane so he sleeps during the trip. that's about all i can think of. good luck.


  • Hoe fun to take first plane ride!  I'm glad to hear it's a shorter flight.  One tip is to have something for him to drink or a binky to suck on for take off and landing, that can help with pressure changes that can cause ear discomfort when making those pressure changes in the plane.  Bring snacks and as many activities as you think might help.  Also if there is a blankie or stuffed animal (comfort tool) bring it along and maybe the little one will take a nap.

    Keep us posted!


  • Coloring! What a great idea! :) He loves books so I will definitely bring his favorites. I will check with the airline, too. He will be sitting on my lap this time so I will have to get creative with the space issue but  I'll make it work. Thank you for your suggestions; they were really helpful & gave me some ideas & things to think about.

  • Thanks for your tips! I was worried about the pressure changes but having his bottle on hand will make a difference. I still have a little time before the trip but I will definitely give an update as to how things go. :o) Thank you again!

  • NowWeR3-

    glad to hear that the advice was helpful.  Keep us posted on how things are going and if you have more questions feel free to post!  Good luck and safe travels,


  • I've done a LOT of LONG plane flights with my little boy. At 9 months old, I'd bring his favorite blanket/comfort items, either nurse him or give him a bottle when you are taking off and landing for his ears to be comfortable, bring his favorite snacks, extra diapers and change of clothes in case of a major accident, stickers and a blank piece of paper to just stick the stickers on - very popular, and a few of his favorite books. Hopefully he'll nap for you but if he doesn't youll be prepared. Some other fun ideas that kids like are making barf bag puppets - bring a crayon with you and decorate the barf bags and do funny little puppet shows. Another idea is to take a zip lock baggy and put some squirts of finger paint inside. Seal it up and let him squish it through the bag to make different designs and color mixes in the bag with no mess. My son also loved a box of band aids! He'd take them apart and stick them all over me - kept him occupied for a while. Hope this helps a bit!