Has anyones baby had surgery

  • My daughter is 6 months old and just had Cranio Syntosis surgery. Sorry always spell that wrong. Basically her bones fused together too soon and they had to go in and cut out some bones. They were applying pressure to her brain. She is doing good now it's been  about three weeks. Had some scary moments in hospital, but she is healing and doing good!! Just wondering if anyone else had a similar story or been through anything like this!!

  • I haven't personally been through anything like this with my children. As a pediatric nurse, I do talk to many parents who have been through similar situations. I know it can be very stressful. I'm glad to hear your daughter is doing well. In her situation, there was just no alternative to surgery. I hope she is able to continue getting better with no further complications.

  • Thank u very much for your comment!!! I'm sure you see a lot of scary things being a nurse!!!

  • my son just had his first surgery on thursday.. he had pyloric stenosis,which is when his pyloric muscle below his stomach is inflammed and wont let any food get down into his stomach thus causing him to throw up....EVERYWHERE! i was so worried and scared that all i did was cry when no one was around.. crying before he went in helped me be stronger and more accepting when they took him away. even thought the surgery lasted 20 minutes it was by far the longest 20 mins i've gone through. he's perfectly normal and doing much better now, now he can start growing big and strong.

  • Yes I too cried a lot before her surgery as well and it helped me to be strong after her surgery. Just kept telling my self to be strong for my daughter. It was hard when they took her away. With recovery and surgery time I didn't get to see her for 7 hrs. and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. She is doing good now. it's been 3 weeks now and she's almost back to normal we get her helmet in two weeks and she is starting to be her self again... Thanks for sharing your story with me!!!

  • I have not had to go through any of this with my two daughters, but I just wanted to let you all know your stories are inspiring. You all have amazing strength, and I wish your children speedy recoveries.

  • Thank you!! Yes she is doing good... Healing faster then I thought possible. she is my third daughter!! Take care.. god Bless

  • My older daughter had to have two surgeries on her leg to remove a huge lesion she was born with. She was three when this happened, but I was walking the floors just like all of you. When she woke from her first surgery, she was hysterical. But for her second surgery, she didn't say boo! She was a real trooper throughout the whole thing.

    My two-year-old has also had two surgeries. The first was a little more than a year ago to have tubes put in her ears. It's very routine and it only took 10 minutes to do the proceedure, but still nerve wracking because of the general anesthesia. She had a second surgery a few months ago to replace the tubes and to take her adenoids out. This one required a breathing tube during surgery and took longer. I was wringing my hands the whole time! She came out of it okay, though and has been very healthy since.

    And, my husband had surgery for pyloric stenosis when he was a baby, and has never had a problem since. So hopefully all goes well with your baby, as well.

  • My son is having surgery on his 8 month b-day, which is this thurs. (6-11-09). He has a diaphramatic hernia and right now I'm trying not to stress out. I know it will be ok, but just the thought about the procedure makes me worry.

    Im glad your daughter is doing good. I hope Adriels recovery is as fast!

  • We'll you had more scary moments then me... Glad your family is d oing well now.. Thanks for sharing your story with me....

  • I know he will do fine just like my daughter is doing.. You want it to get here to get it over with and then again you never want the day to come... It's scary, but babies recover so fast.. Hope all goes we'll...... Please let us know.... God Bless