Advice or some tips.

  • im a mother to a 7 1/2 month boy. im a stay at home mom and i seem to always be busy with my son and cant get some house work done. ive tried putting him in the walker or carrier but its not working. ive also tried while he naps but he take 2 naps a day and i end up relaxing getting ready for when he wakes up. i feel like a crappy person because i am very fortunate that i can stay at home with my baby but i should be getting this house work done. if anyone has any advice or tips please share. i need more energy but i cant seem to get it. my husband works long hours and swings shifts so i get pretty exhausted always being on the go with my boy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • I'm pretty much in the same boat. My daughter is 6 months and my fiance works 10 to 12 hours a day so it's just me and hazel all day with the dogs. At first i had trouble getting some stuff done, but once i realized it's ok to let the baby cry things got a lot better. that's not to say that it is acceptable for long periods or for every situation. It sucks to hear your baby cry for you, but the sad truth is sometimes it has to happen and for my daughter it has helped build confidence, self soothing and independence.. I never go to my daughter right away when she's crying or what i call complaining (by now you should be able to tell if it's just a regular cry or i need help cry). I usually put my daughter down with the baby first channel on and several toys around to help keep her occupied while i do the dishes. I just peek around the corner to make sure she's not chasing the dogs or getting into the kennel or anything else she's not supposed to be messing with. I do the bathroom on weekends when my fiance is home to help watch the baby. And since it's nice out i bring hazel outside to play while i hang clothes on the line. I developed my own system of putting laundry away that allows me to watch the baby and be efficiently quick at the same time. You're just going to have to go for it and see what works best for you. I have found that if the baby is fussy and i need her to be occupuied for a bit then some "puffs" in her highchair gives me about 30 minutes. Good  luck in trying to get your little one more independent.


  • Sampepple-

    This is a common question that parents bring up.  I don't have any magic answers, but my best friend said she was able to get cooking and some cleaning done with baby in sling-right there with her!  

    I also think that some of it has to do with self expectations.  Give yourself credit for everything you do-do!  Raising a child is hard, hard work that is both physically and emotionally draining to say the least.  Perhaps prioritizing what has to get done vs what can get done later-or might not matter right now, would help.

    Hang in there!


  • Staying at home with your baby is a VERY full time job. I would not feel the slightest bit guilty about not being on top of the housework. I did find, however, that if I felt like I had to tackle everything, it was pretty overwhelming to me. I decided to have a room a day that I focus on. For example, on Mondays the kitchen got a much deeper cleaning than normal. On Tuesday, my bedroom got picked up really well and laundry done and so on. You get the idea. That way each room was semi cleaned during the week. If there are some HUGE messes, of course I'd clean those up but you really can't do it all anyway. I hope this helps a bit! 

  • I agree that being a full time stay at home mommy is a full time job, but you do have to learn how to get the housework done as well. I used to put my kids in the pack n play with a few toys while I got some of the chores done. They played for about 30 minutes while I worked. If you do this a little each day, then your house can get done over the course of the week. In addition, you can try putting your little guy in the high chair with a few cheerios (if he is eating solid foods well) while you deep clean your kitchen. Learning to work with your baby is tricky, but it can be done!

  • Spoken like a pro MommyRN4-those are great ideas!  Thanks for sharing. Smile


  • Thanks Jess_Baby RN, I need to change my profile name to MommyRN5 now that I just had the baby! 

    I thought of another way to get some of your housework done....try buying a sling or a back carrier for your baby. You can put him in there while you vacuum or make the beds. Just remember that a little a day is all you need to do to fully clean your house. Sometimes you get overwhelmed thinking you have to do it all at one time. Hope these tricks help!

  • Congrats MommyRN"5"! Great advice. Compartmentalizing everything seems to be the answer... if you can spend an hour a day focusing on one or two rooms, you would be ahead of the game. I also agree that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves.

  • Hi sampepple!  I know just how you feel.  My daughter is 1.5 now and I'm pregnant with our 2nd little girl.  I too have a hard time getting housework done.  I'm just so tired after chasing her around all morning that all I want to do while she's napping is rest.  You need to remember that to be a great mom you need to take care of yourself before your house.  You might not get to vacuum every week, and you might have dishes in your sink, but if you and your family are happy that's what's most important.

    Now that said, I also understand that you want to be able to get stuff done.  When my daughter was your son's age she loved being in her over-the-door jumper.  She also loved watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Super Why.  I know that it is recommended that that kids don't watch tv until they're 2, but sometimes I just needed 20 minutes to get some stuff done.  (And she recently learned how to count from 1-10 watching MMC so I don't feel so bad letting her watch it anymore :) ).  I think the most important thing to remember if you do decide to put on a movie is that you need to make sure you're not ignoring your son and that you're checking in on him every so often.  I definitely don't condone using tv as a full-time babysitter, but I think that as an occasional help to a tired mom it's definitely acceptable.

    Good luck!

  • I've not used this post, but my daughter is 7 months old and still refuses to lay on her stomach, she was three weeks early and she can almost sit up by herself now, but everyone ive talked with says she should be almost crawling ? I put her on her stomach and she rolls over...

  • Oh it sounds like she is right on track!  At 6-7 months we hope to see a baby sit alone.  If she can roll over that tells us that she has good head control and the sitting totally alone will happen soon!  It's still a bit early to worry about crawling-spare yourself as once she starts your house will never be the same.  Tummy time is not a joy for every baby.  If she doesn't care for it start in short increments, and try to have it be a social fun time for her.  To spite this she may scream the whole time, so don't get discouraged.  With time it will get better.  Since she is already rolling over and will soon be sitting and crawling you may not need to worry about tummy time for too long.  

    It sounds like your little one will be on her way to kindergarten soon! :)  -Jess