im a new mommy <3

  • im new to this so all your tips will help (: im 18 years old && i have a newborn son he 5 days today <3 i live with my boyfriend && his parents but he only here on the weekends. he works out of town :( so i feel like a single mom right now. D:   

  • Welcome to the site and welcome to Mommyhood!!!! This is going to be one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of your life. Is there anything in particular you had questions on?.. You'll find that the moms and dads who respond on this site are very supportive and will try to offer any advice that may be of help to you. 

  • well so far my son has been really good. he sleeps all though the night but i still wake up every hour to see if he okay. the thing im really having trouble with is brestfeeding he dont want to. && i kno i do have milk because my boobs have gotten so big && they hurt. whats the best way to get him to feed off of me?

  • Well first have you contacted a lactation consultant? That would ultimately be the best person to help you be successful over the long haul. In just about every city there is a registered consultant and you could probably find a number through your doctors office. In the meantime there are a couple of things you could try while you wait for one. First thing would be to pump some of that milk so your baby an eat if you haven't already done so. The next thing is what holds have you tried with him. My daughter responded well to the "football hold" where you hold the baby under your arm like a football with his head in your hand and the rest of his body resting in your arm ( i always put a pillow under my arm to help with positioning). then gently rub your nipple on his upper lip and that should trigger him to open his mouth. When his mouth opens wide bring him quickly over the whole nipple. Repeat this until he latches on. If he latches on and doesn't suck then you can gently rub his jaw next to his chin and this should trigger the suckle reflex.... the other hold that we used and was successful with is the "cradle hold" where you hold the baby like normal except his belly will be against you. Just repeat the steps for latching on and getting him to suckle... Like i said a breastfeeding consultant is the person you really need to contact if you want to be successful with this. It could be that you're not using proper technique or you baby might just be having trouble getting the hang of it and they can help you solve those problems... I am not a consultant, but the information i gave you came directly from the one i used. I hope you can have some success with this information, just be patient it's a learning experience for the both of you.

  • Welcome! It sounds like you are dealing with all kinds of emotions. These first few months are some of the hardest as you figure out what exactly your baby needs and how to take care of yourself in the process! The lack of sleep is really rough - it's hard when you are always worried about your little man. Just remember to put him to sleep on his back and keep loose blankets, crib bumpers, etc. out of his crib. Odds are that he will be just fine - it will get easier to sleep a bit longer here and there without worrying so much. As far as breastfeeding, is that going any better for you? Make sure to wake him up before feeding with a diaper change and brush your nipple against his lips until he opens wide. I agree with Brinny that a lactation consultant can be very helpful. Another thing that moms enjoy is a mommy support group. Call the hospital where you delivered and see if they have one that meets. La Leche League is another group that meets and helps to support women in breastfeeding. They offer free help and advice - just search for the closest group to where you live. Hope this helps a little - let us know how things are going! 

  • Congratulations Brianna! Welcome to motherhood and to Strongmoms! Congrats on your son sleeping through the night... 5 days may be a record! I know right now a lot of things are overwhelming and it seems like at times you are alone, but there are always people out there willing to help a new mommy! Some of that advice is available on strongmoms, but there are all kinds of organizations that help you with nursing and provide support for moms. Good luck and congratulations again!