Rug Burn

  • Well Hazel has officially started trying to crawl. Even though she has yet to be successful her little knees and elbows are still taking a beating. She has rug burn because she's constantly trying to crawl and dragging herself across the living room. Is there anything that you guys have learned in your many collective years of experience as parents that can minimize the rug burn or get it to go away all together? It's so hot out that i really don't want to put long pants or long sleeves on her, but i don't know what else to do to help minimize it. 

  • I think pants is the way to go.  Even though it's hot, it's better than rug burn.  Just a nice light pair of cotton pants or leggings would work.

    Others have thoughts?


  • BabyLegs are great! Theyre little leg warmer looking things that you can use on legs or arms plus theyre cute! :)

  • Thanks.. I'll have to look for some. This kid is unstoppable!

  • Oh, very cool MrsEMace, I've never seen those before!  Thanks for sharing,


  • Yeah, I was going to suggest leg warmers. Not quite the same as wearing full pants but something to protect her knees and they are so cute too! I found some in football for my little man. He may kill me later for putting leggings on him but I can't resist. :-) 

  • Brinny your daughter is adorable! For every positive step, there are new things to worry about! I remember when my oldest took her first extended stroll.. she got up, took a few steps and we marveled... then she walked around the corner and out of sight momentarily and the realization of the new problems we had to deal with were immediate! Congrats on this milestone and be sure to moisturize her rug burns to avoid infection.

  • Thank you AnswerDad I get compliments on her everywhere we go. She is so full of life and personality already. She still hasn't figured out how to crawl but now she's getting up on her hands and feet. She's trying so hard, but i think she might be one of those babies that goes strait from scooting to running. every time i try to put her on the carpet she straightens her legs and wants to stand; she has also been pulling herself up so she can look over her crib rails and push the buttons on the tv and dvr. you wouldn't think a baby who can only scoot could wreak so much havoc but i fear that my dogs hair may start to fall out soon from the stress of being chased lol. Luckly one is an old man who just wants to hide and the other is very quickly learning her place. Anyway thank you all for your help.