Rosey Cheeks...

  • My daughter has been getting red cheeks over the past week. We have watched for other signs of food reactions or certain toys she is playing. It's doesn't necessarly happen when it's to hot or cold or if she just wakes up.  Nothing has made it obvious to what's causing this. She is 7 months old and I'm curious if this could be one of the many signs of teething. Does anyone have any advice or can you think of anything else that could be causing this??


  • You should talk to your doctor. There may be something he or she can give your child to help with her cheeks. It could be an allergy or it could be a skin issue that needs a topical cream. After you talk to your doctor, let us know what he says!! Good luck!

  • Definitely tell your doc, but for rosy cheeks with no other symptoms, I wouldn't stress too much. It sounds like you are on top of things, so continue to monitor and alert your doc when you feel it is necessary.

  • Did you find out what was causing her rosy cheeks??? Let us know what helped!

  • We took Leylah to the clinic because she was getting a cold. I brought up the rosey cheeks and said that it had been happening for awhile. He pediatrician said it can have something to do with her teething. Last week, she got 2 teeth within 4 days. She still has rosey cheeks and we are still keeping an eye on what she's doing/eating when we notice it. Hoping it just because of the teeth!  


    Thanks for all your feedback!

  • My son always got very rosy cheeks after nursing or eating. It eventually died down and stopped happening but my pediatrician said it was a blood rush to the face that just occurred when he ate - nothing of concern. Anyway, sounds like you are on top of things and your pediatrician isn't overly concerned. Those are positives! If you ever decide to get a second opinion, a dermatologist could tell you if there was a skin issue of some sort. 

  • Lkircher , there are kids who experience some case like that when they had a teething issue. But still you need to keep an eye to your kid. 

  • You should ask your doctor. My sons cheeks get red when he is teething. Especially when the first two (they came in at the same time) came in.