how to help baby self soothe

  • Hi everyone im new on here im trying to get my 2 month old to self soothe her self at night any ideas ?

  • It is a never-ending process....unfortunately. It takes months to get a baby to go back to sleep on their own at night and even then there are times when they regress. Just keep trying a little every night and hopefully as she matures she will learn how to get herself back to sleep. Welcome to Strong Moms!


  • Welcome! As MommyRN4 said, it's a long process at times. A 2 month old really can't self soothe yet. They are still pretty immature and need a lot of help to calm and soothe themselves. Usually infants can't really self soothe until at least 6 months. Until then, night time feedings, snuggles, and swaddling with pacifiers are all things that may help you soothe your baby. Hang in there! It'll get better before you know it. 

  • She did good one night with out wanting a bottle i gave her a pacifier and she went right back to sleep 

  • Great news!! Keep us posted,:) -Jess

  • she has been doing great wakes up maybe once or twice for a bottle and right back out she goes. or she will fuss some and move and fall back to sleep on her own :-)