I just want everyone to leave me alone!!

  • I am 22 years old. I go to school full time. I have 1 daughter that's 2 and I just had twins 1 (count it 1) week ago. So what that i have to take a semester off so what that maybe my fiance and I are young. I just had twins leave me the heck alone. I do not need your snarky comments. That's what I want to yell to "well meaning" friends and family. I haven't even had time to bond properly. Vent over. Good Night.

  • mostenson-

    I'm glad that you found a place to vent, and I just wanted to let you know I heard ya, and anytime you need to vent or you need a cyber hug just give a yell.  Hang in there,


  • You sound pretty frustrated and exhausted! I'm glad you can vent here and just know that this is always a safe place for you to come and share. I hope you get some time to just be with your babies and fall in love with them. If you need to set some boundaries with friends and family, by all means, do so. Hugs to you. 

  • Congratulations on the twins! The great thing about having kids is that the only opinions that count are yours! Hang in there and enjoy your family... you don't get this time back.

  • Man I feel for you! I can tell that you are a little stressed out with all of your family and friends and their comments and I hear you loud and clear. Just try to take a deep breath and worry about your babies and bonding with them. If others can't hold their tongues right now, then you may need to let them know how counterproductive their comments really are. Bonding with your babies and recovering from having twins should be your first priority right now. Hope we can help on here!