What is your baby’s favorite toy?

  • Every one of us has probably bought a baby toy that we thought would be a sure winner—only to find it collecting dust on the shelf. One toy that is a sure winner, however, is the light-up aquarium you can connect to the baby bed. My baby absolutely loves it and it is wonderful at night time. What is your baby’s favorite toy? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • My daughter loves the plastic links and accersories. She uses them as rattles, as a teether, as an attention seeking toy: throwing them. A close second is her nightly music projector. She has learned how to turn it on herself and will soothe herself back to sleep

  • My little boy loves his little elephant that has teething toys on the legs for chewing on. The body is flat and has some crinkly sort of paper inside so that it makes a lot of noise when he holds it. He loves it! 

  • My girls all loved their light-up ladybugs at night... they change colors, project shapes on the walls and ceilings and turn off after 30 mins... all three of them used the ladybugs for sleepy time.

  • Hazel really loves her Hippo security blanket (a 12x12 square with a hippo head) and v-tech walking toy.. but i must say that her favorite thing to play with is not a toy at all. She loves to "help" me fold the laundry and plays peek-a-boo with the towels.


  • My little boy loves his Luv U Zoo Jumperoo! He really likes all of the sounds it makes in response to his actions, as well as the colors and lights.

  • Oh I was thinking about getting a jumperoo....does she like it better than an exersaucer? 

  • i have a star thats ment to be like that that ziva likes and she will even try to play with it if she isnt listening to it and watching it to sleep. her favorite thing is trying to figure out where the light comes from that makes the projection LOL.

  • i dont have a jumperoo or the johnny or jenny jump ups because ziva is getting so big. i wanted to get her an exersaucer but dont have the money and i think she will end up to big for it before i can get it. i do have a walker that we call her zoom zoom that she loves to run around in the kitchen in thats already at level 2 highth. she will crawl over to it and try to climb in or stand up around it and try to push it walking LOL.

    she has some different toys that she likes and will play with quiet often.

  • I find that consignment stores often have exersaucers or jumperoos that are in good shape that people have gotten rid of. They can be pretty pricey brand new. Try looking there first!!