• I am a first time mom and I was just wondering when can my baby start seeing?  She is 1 month old and I noticed she is very active when anyone starts talking to her and she seems to be following you with her eyes.  This is very exciting, but the doctor told me her vision is still fuzzy until she is about 3 months old.  Is this true?

  • This is a GREAT question and I don't have a technical answer for you.  What we know is that at birth and for 1-2 months babies can see about 18 inches, and beyond that pretty fuzzy.  However, if she is tracking and following you then she may be on the end of the spectrum where she is starting to see more.  She is also using her hearing and touch to determine what's around her-so it's not just vision.  It sounds like she is just beautifully bonded with you!


  • It is true that a baby's long distance vision is fuzzy for a bit but their vision is pretty good up to about 18 inches! Your baby probably also moves her eyes because she is hearing voices that are familiar to her and she is stimulated to kick, wiggle, and look around. She is continuing to develop those eyes every day - she sounds like a sweetheart! :-) 

  • I strongly agree with you Jess_BabyRN. You mention it so well.