• do babies ever outgrow being swaddled? I have a 7 week old son who doesn't seem to like swaddled as much as he use to. He wasn't always a huge fan, but some days it worked and others it didn't. Now he really doesn't care for it. 

  • Oh yes...your baby will outgrow being swaddled. That day comes at different times for everyone, but one day they just don't seem to like it as much as others. My little boy is 3 months old and he still likes being swaddled, but only at night and not during naps! If your little one doesn't seem to enjoy being swaddled, then don't worry with it. You can always dress him in a warm sleep sack if you want to keep him warm during the winter months.

  • I think MommyRN4 is 110% correct here...and they make sure cool sleepers to keep little ones that prefer the non-bundled life warm and cozy!


  • thanks Smile