9 month old still cant sleep

  • hello everybody, i am starting to get worried because my son is 9 months old and still not sleeping through the night. i am a single mom with two jobs at night so could that be the cause? i hear moms telling stories how their child started sleeping through the night at 4 months.mines 9 and wakes up on a scheduale at night 12. 230. 430.530 600 and then for good at 730. could separation anxiety be in his sleep. that its waking him up all night. help please.

  • My goodness - whoever is with him at night must be exhausted! Do you work evenings or overnight? Is your little one getting up to eat? I might consider discussing with your pediatrician if some sleep training would be appropriate - if all is well with him health wise, it might be a good thing to teach him to self soothe and go back to sleep when waking up. 9 month old babies are really at the height of separation anxiety, so that may very well be part of the problem. Have you ever tried letting him cry it out if you know he is clean and comfortable? Hopefully we can give you some help with this. Hang in there!

  • I think that PediNurseJulie1 has some great advice!  She hit on just about everything I can think of.  I hope that you will try some of her suggestions and let us know how things are going.  Hang in there, working nights is really hard on anyone-sleepless baby or not.

    Keep us posted and let us know how we can help,


  • i do work night shifts im a full time bartender. on the nights i work he is with my mom. and when i get done instead of waking him to bring him home he will stay the night there i just sleep on the couch. so he doesn't start the routine of waking at 430am his body clock. and yes he does still get up to eat ive tried breaking it by giving him less and less. its slowly starting to work.  other times i let him cry it out but never past 10 min should i?.  sometimes it works but he gets right back up. and he eats a full dinner then a snack before bed so i know hes full. ive just  set an apt up with his pediatrician for tomorrow to discuss the matter.  thank you for your advice it was very useful to me i was at a loss of what to do. everybody else kept saying give it time. i had not heard of sleep training before thank you. and i will keep you both posted and tell you what the doctor said.


  • Merc-

    I am so glad that you are taking him to talk to the doc about his sleep.  I think it's important to make sure there is nothing physiclly keeping him from sleeping.  I think that the doc can also give you some additional ideas and since you have already tried quite a few things you can move right past those and into some other things to try.

    Keep us posted on how it all goes,

    Take care,


  • Hi Merc, I know it's hard to be away from your kid but since your mom is watching him while you're at work? I want to know your routine and her routine.

  • I hope your pediatrician had some advice and help for you. Did they discuss sleep training? If you need help knowing what to do, let me know. I can try to give you a few guidelines. 

  • we went to the doctor sorry it has been so long sense i wrote. they think that it may be due to his breathing. ive been giving him routine nebulizer treatments before bed and then agian in 4 hours when he wakes. seems to be helping alittle. he is sleeping longer periods now but still wakes up.faithsmom he is on a steady day routine with meals and regular naps one at 10 am and another at 2pm then bed at 7pm. his bedtime is the same both at my house and when my mother watches him. me and her try to work together to keep him on a steady routine. when he wakes at night expecting a bottle i now give him a diluted bottle of formula. i was told that when he wakes for a bottle formula is sweet so they like it. was told to give him water instead now. they told me that that should lesson his bottle wake ups.. thank you all for your advice and support please if you have any ideas please let me know 

  • Merc-

    So glad that you were able to get in to see the doctor and that you have some tools which are helping with sleep!  Be sure to keep his regular well child exams so that they can continue to monitor his growth and development and follow up on the breathing.  Keep us posted!


  • Sounds like you have a few suggestions that may help a bit. I hope that he starts to give you a bit of a break. The only thing I can also think of is making sure he has a comforting object in the crib with him that he starts to attach to rather than the bottle. My son has a little stuffed moose that he loves. Good luck! 

  • my baby girl has many toys for almost every area of the bed she sleeps in that she attaches to plus her blankies. i also have her on sippy cups now so she goes to bed with them. she drinks mostly juice during the day with a few sippy cups of formula in the mix and eats about 1 to 1.5 jars of baby food to keep her belly full at nap times. she sleeps for about 2 hrs per nap one around noonish and another about 4:30 pm. at bedtime i put her food in her sippy that she goes to bed with unless she still wants a bottle then i make her bottle with a jar of food and cereal and she sleeps mostly through the night with sippy cups standing by for the slight wake up whine of empty belly then i just give her one of the backups and she goes right back to sleep and sleeps from about 9pm or so till about 11 hrs later including the slight wake ups.

    also watch the diapers because i know part of her problem was extreme constipation and gas even with the formula changes so now she has gas drops during the day and before bed; she also when she gets constipated or goes back toward that she gets one sippy with prune juice in it and bye bye constipation.


    another thing to consider might also be teething. if the freezer teething tricks arnt working or the teething tablets talk to your pediatrician about getting a lidocaine for him to use on his teeth. it works like a charm. all it is is a jell that you rub on the gums and bye bye pain as well as maybe a 4ml dose of ibuprofen to help with the inflamation of the gums and pain as well.

    My baby girl also eats finger food stuff during the day in her walker to help with using her teeth and such and she does good.

    hope this display of our routine works to help you some.

  • another thought i just had is maybe have some music he likes turned on when you lay him down to bed before you walk out of the room and he should be ok. My girl likes her wiccan lullaby or pandora disney music.

  • I LOVE your idea about music Zivasmommy!  When I work in the nursery I often play classical music for the babies that are a bit restless.  I just love how peaceful and positive it feels in their rooms with the music on and the babies respond beautifully.  

    Keep us posted merc636,


  • yea jess its wonderful though i wish it worked better when she has a fussy day like she did yesterday LOL. plus she is teething like crazy. she has like 5 teeth working on comming in right now if not started to be completely in and its hard.

  • Oh my, one tooth is bad enough but 5 is not fun!! I hope you get some relief soon! My little one loves to chew on a cold washcloth when he is teething. The nubby feel of the cloth is kind of soothing, along with the chill to numb his gums a little. Good luck!