9 month old still cant sleep

  • yep 2 bottom front teeth that are almost through thank god and three top teeth all of which are side by side and those are hell but thankfully her pediatrician gave her a form of lidocaine to num her gums and its better and every once in a while she will use one of her teething toys. other than that its alot of tylonal and ibuprofen. thats expecially at night other wise forget the sleeping all night like she needs. shes doing better and probably once she gets these done a new set will start. yay me. lol

  • I think what this thread proves is that nobody has all the answers. I think keeping your pediatrician aware of your baby's bedtime routine, diet and other factors surrounding sleep issues is key. As happened here, the doc may have discovered a breathing issue. My experience is that every child is different when it comes to sleep time, and my three girls have taught me that the hard way!

  • Sounds like your girls are quiet a handful answerdad. yea mine just gave me the biggest loop of odd sleeping since its been about 4 mos since she was sick last. just went to the er last night early this morning and found out my poor girl is dealing with the flu and strep throat at the same time, but thank god the flu shot she got this year will help with how severe and how long the flu will last. now to get back home or gas to go to a kansas walmart to get her antibiotic filled for the strep throat.

  • They always do Zivas! Sorry your little one is under the weather... I hope that she is feeling better!

  • she loves her teething toys. she has a thing of beads and then 4 different ones that i put in the freezer. the only one she dont really take to is the pink one that massages the front teeth.