Out and About with Baby

  • My little girl will be born on the 18th of December. This is gonna be my first child and everyone wants to see her for Christmas. I'm not sure whether or not taking her out with her being so little is safe. Any advice?

  • The biggest thing is that you are going to want to avoid exposing her to anyone that is sick.  Seeing friends and family so long as they are well and wash their hands before holding her should be ok, and heartwarming for all.  I would avoid large public gatherings as to avoid getting her sick.  You also will want to see how you and family are feeling.  Having a new baby can mean little sleep for all, so you may want to do shorter outings anyway.

    Congrats on your soon to be baby, you must be very excited!


  • I agree with Jess. I would be hesitant going to large gatherings for fear of contracting sickness which can be so complicated for a newborn. This is one of those issues that your doctor should really give you his advice. The biggest worry is having little kids around who have no sense of personal space for your baby and may not have developed good manual hygiene habits. They get very excited about the baby and want to hold and touch the baby and could invariably spread infection. Congratulations and good luck!

  • Even though you have to be careful about large gatherings and lots of people touching the baby, I know I'd have a hard time not showing off my new little baby at Christmas. :-) I'd make sure everyone uses hand sanitizer and keep the baby wrapped up in a blanket so that everyone can't grab her hands, etc. However, if someone really is sick with a cold or flu, I'd probably stay away. Hope it works out for you!