• What are some of your favorite holiday memories as a child? What things really stand out in your head that your parents did for you? I'd like to start creating traditions now and want some ideas! My parents weren't that into the holidays and I'd like to have more fun with my family-send your traditions my way!

  • Hi Julie... happy holidays to you! For my family, I remember more of the feeling than anything we did specifically. We were always taught to be thankful and to embrace our family, no matter the warts. We ate well, laughed a lot, argued from time to time and never forgot how fortunate we were to be happy, healthy and together. I don't think it's what you do as much as it is how you do it. Just your effort to make the holidays special will help guarantee that they are for your family. Sorry I'm not more specific here!

  • What a great post!  I'd have to say what i remember more than any gift was the time i spent talking with my mom in the early morning on christmas day each year.  We made it a tradition to reflect back upon the past year and years past every year in those early morning hours on christmas.  


  • This is great reminder to me that I can get too carried away with activities and running around to do "planned things" when all my kids really need is to remember the holidays as a time when we were together as family and that they felt heard, loved, and cherished. Thanks!

  • Exactly the point... not to say that special activities won't enhance the holidays, but just the idea that you are striving to make this a special time in your family's year guarantees that they will remember that effort!

  • I loved going to see the Christmas lights at various parks and around neighborhoods. Really felt magical!

  • We found a botanical gardens in our area that does a huge light display and has some free evenings - so fun! 

  • I have so many amazing Christmas memories.. from my grandma making us home made hot cocoa when we came in from playing, my grandpa (who is no longer with us) brought home the silliest of things and played Santa at one of the large retail stores and once or twice at home for the little children, My sister and I taught my ex husbands mom how to put up a Christmas tree that wouldn't make children cry (long story, but a good one), Ice skating, snowball fights, snow man making, ornament making, the entire family putting up my grandmas 21 foot Christmas tree (no exaggeration there either, my grandpa built their home with the upstairs hall and "play room" open to the living room.) On Christmas Eve the children would all get to open one gift before bed... Pajamas. The one thing all of this has in common is family and friends. This year we will be spending Christmas away from both of our families and it just won't be the same without all of our loved ones around us, but we have each other and Hazel, so we are still blessed.... Merry Christmas every one, I hope the season brings your families close and you make many more wonderful memories.

  • Oh Yeah... and Julie aren't those places so much fun?! I grew up in the Indianapolis area and every year the Indianapolis Zoo has "Christmas at the Zoo" with tons of light displays. so much fun. reminds me of my mom taking my, brother, sister and I around our town to see all the Christmas lights.

  • I have always wanted to do the pajama idea! I think that I'm going to find some cheap pajamas and get my whole family a set to surprise them and force them to wear them on Christmas Eve (when we open all our presents). The only tough part is figuring out how to get my 6 foot 4 inch tall Dad some sort of matching pajamas! lol 

  • Look at Target for matching Pajammas in large sizes.  I saw a whole bunch and they had footies even, I think all the way to size 2XL and had shark feet, snake feet for the tougher customers and cute ones too.

    Also, one of our families traditions every year is that every person in the family gets a special ornament from everyone in the family for the tree.  When the kids grow up and move away, they have a collection of very special ornaments to take with them for their own tree.


  • My fiance and i have started our own traditions now that we have our daughter and are completely on our own. I am cross stitching an advent calendar to give our daughter for her first Christmas. My fiance had one as a child that his grandmother made and every morning there would be a piece of candy and new letter from one of Santas elves updating him on how good he's being and what he could do to move up the nice list. so in keeping with that tradition there are 25 pockets for letters and in addition i have added a mail slot for letters that the elves can collect for Santa. It will hopefully become a nice heirloom that she can take with her when she has her own children. We also have a love of spun glass ornaments and it is our tradition to go to a shop and pick a new one every year. each persons is threaded with a specific color ribbon so over the years the ribbon will add color and we'll know which ornaments belong to which person. We also do pajamas and christmas tree hunting on my fiances birthday and looking at lights.