Triplets sleeping trouble

  • Hello everyone,

    My wife and I have 7 month old triplets (adjusted age 5 1/2 months).  She feeds them and put them to sleep around 6:30 pm. Unfortunately, I am not there, because duty calls. They all sleep in our room in seperate beds. One of our sons has a very bad sleeping habit. He wakes up about 3 hours later and doesn't go back to sleep until someone picks him up. Then back to sleep, anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes later. Then he will sleep for about an 45 minutes to an 1 1/12 hour and wake up again. This continues until about 4:00 am. While the other two may wake up only once and sleep until 5:30/6:00. HOW CAN I HELP MY WIFE TO GET OUR SON TO SLEEP LONGER? Please keep in that there are 2 other babies sleeping in the same room.

    I greatly appreciate any advise.


  • Oh my goodness - she must be exhausted! Is there any option for this baby to sleep in another room? Perhaps he would be able to sleep a bit longer if he was more isolated? Has your wife tried a white noise machine and swaddling? Hopefully we can come up with something to help! Write back!

  • He may just be waking up for his pacifier. Try offering it to him but don't pick him up. If he continues to cry, try moving him to another room for a few nights while you sort things out. Only feed him once and keep offering his pacifier when he wakes again. 

  • He doesn't use a pacifier. That was his life line while in the NICU, but after coming home and eating more, he started to hate the paci. Even though, I am not a big fan of it, I wish he would take it during the night. Also, we don't feed them after 6:30.

  • Yes, he can sleep in the babies room, but she is not ready for that yet. Hopefully, when I return she will be willing to give it a try. We also have a sound spa and play music in our room to help them sleep.

    Exhausted, she is beyond exhausted. I am currently searching for some qualified help, but being a first time mom, my wife isn't as receptive.


  • Is there a chance that he actually is hungry? Many babies might be able to sleep through the night but some really aren't able to - especially if his adjusted age is 5 1/2 months. Has she tried feeding  him? Perhaps the pediatrician would okay some rice cereal to help his tummy be full longer? Just trying to brainstorm some ideas. 

  • I would support the idea that perhaps he is hungry.  That is about the right interval of time for him to be waking hungry.  I'd support Julie's idea of having the doc take a peak at him and make sure that he is healthy and growing well. Then I'd ask about feeding at night.


  • Yes, he very well may be hungry. Some babies just have different needs than others and he just may not be ready to go all night without something to eat. I like Juile's idea of taking him to the doctor just to be sure things are going well and then getting some advice from your pediatrician as well.

  • Me too, I agree with Julie. Most of the babies cry because they are hungry.