Cleft lip

  • Keetyn hugh Williams was born on september 19 2012, We was taking by shock when he was born with a cleft lip. If you or you know of someone whos had a server case please reasure me that im not in this alone.

  • GaKb-

    I'm so glad that you posted about your experience and that you have offered to share with others so that they are not alone if the have a baby with a cleft lip.  As a nurse i have taken care of a lot of babies and child with cleft lips.  Most are surgically fixed and these babies have totally normal looking lips after surgery.  Prior to the surgery and durring the healing process we used special bottles to help them get the nutrition that they needed.  

    How is your baby doing now?  I would love to know more if you feel comfortable sharing.


  • Keetyn looks like such a sweetheart. As a nurse who has taken care of a lot of babies with cleft lips, you are definitely not alone. I have worked with so many mothers who were shocked and surprised by their child's cleft. It can be such an emotional time as you deal with a situation you never expected. How are you doing with feeding? Hopefully he is doing okay with his bottles. Are you getting the support you need from your doctors? Keetyn will still be a bright and beautiful boy and once his lip is repaired, it'll be hard to tell he had a cleft in the first place. Hang in there. 

  • I had a cousin who had a cleft lip but after the surgery he looks very handsome and not knowing that he had undergo operations. GaKb, don't worry everything will goes normal after the surgery. Keetyn is very cute.